The Art of dance. Julianne coors

Since the creation of dance, the purpose was for rituals, entertainment or personal pleasure. Today dance still has the same purpose but has expanded tremendously in style and meaning. My gallery shows the different periods of dance through various cultures, styles, meanings, and the affect that dance has on people's emotions. 

Dance was first used for rituals or spiritual guidance.
Dancing has been used in rituals and spiritual guidance since the beginning of time.
Dance used as entertainment. In every culture dance is used as a form of entertainment, whether you are watching a dance production or you are engaging in the dance yourself.
Dance as personal pleasure. Dance has also been used for personal pleasure since the creation of dance. Dancing can be very emotional to some people or it can be a form of exercise.
Cultural Dances. Every culture has different styles and meanings of dances. Some dances can express grief, or sadness while others can express joy.
Commonalities of dance. Although each culture has many different styles or uses for dancing, they all share common characteristics.
Differences in Dance. Dance can be used for rituals, ceremonies, war, or entertainment.
Modern Dance. In today's society, dance is mostly used for entertainment or pleasure. Dance has come a long way since the creation, but it is still used and popular in just about every culture.
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