gallery of Lines - Sabrina akbar

This artwork was chosen to represent curved (Descriptive) lines because the painting has many geometrical and curvy lines. The painting creates a positive and happy mood and tone based off the different use of lines in each shape. The shapes are softer and not ragged. There is also different types of curved lines and shapes that are used throughout the artwork. Curved lines was the best way to describe the painting because of the original shapes being used.
This artwork exhibits Diagonal (Directional) Lines. The drawing has many different lines that go in all direction which create patterns. The drawing also uses cross hatching to create the design inside the framed circle. The mood of the drawing seems very balanced tone and calm mood and the diagonal lines create a sense of different and repetitive parts of the drawing.
This picture of a woman wearing a scarf from Pakistan shows a depiction of Contours Lines (Descriptive.) The designs on the scarf itself show lines that are wavy and but aren't level in a certain way because of the way the picture was taken. The designs show specific contours lines in the back part where the lies create shapes with the different directions of lines. The painting gives off a deeper mood into what the women could be thinking but the use of contour lines also explains that there is positive/brighter side.
This painting exhibits Sparse Lines (Density.) The painting depicts a woman holding a bird (pigeon) in her hand. The observations were easy to identify because the images are painted so clearly, but behind the women is a mix of sparse lines and colors that can be interpreted into many different things. There are sparse black lines that are so thin you can barely see them but are very important to the painting because they show a flowing affect. The mood/tone of the painting seems very happy and flowy/calm.
This photo shows Textured Lines (Descriptive.) The photo shows many houses but only focuses on the intricate roofs. The bricks create lines that go in many directions and shows texture because the there is a background with repetitive lines that "feel" real, (because this artwork is photo.) There is a sad mood and tone but there is so many lines that it also has an optimistic look because everything is put into one photo but shows many different aspects of the roofs.
This artwork exhibits Implied lines (Usage.) Around the girl's skirt, there aren't actually many lines that create the shape but because of the contoured lines and use of shading, you can easily identify the object. The Painting uses many different techniques of shading and the lines are very thin to create a flowing effect. The use of colors shows that there doesn't have to be an actual line to represent an object. The black figure behind the girl also doesn't have any definite lines but creates a chilling tone without actually being an actual shape. I think the mood is striking and overpowering.
This painting depicts Thin lines (Weight.) the painting shows thin lines for the petals on the flower that are created with short and long lines. The lines are lighter than the middle part of the flower which really stands out. The lines are also faintly shown behind the flower to give the painting a shadow effect that brings out the focal points even more. The middle part grows out into the light lines. The mood/tone of this painting is kind of like the calm before the storm, except the other way around.
This painting exhibits Thick lines (Weight.) The artworks shows thick and dark lines in the center of the painting. The lines, which are meant to catch the eye first because they are so over powering against the rest of the painting. The lines are not symmetrical and go in every direction but each line is very thick. There are also short and long lines throughout the painting. The mood/tone of the painting is powerful but also distressed at the same time.
This artwork shows Concentrated lines (Density.) The photo shows a small hand which seems to be made out of strings or maybe wires. The lines that create the hand-like shape are intertwined and concentrated at the center of the photo. The concentrated lines are dispersed throughout the photo, There is a certain effect that the lines create that relate to the mood of confusion and complication.
This artwork depicts horizontal lines (Direction.) The artwork has 8 items or tools that might be hockey sticks or golf clubs. The sticks create lines that only go horizontal and all face the same way. The artwork doesn't really have anything in the background which make the 8 sticks pop out in the front. The sticks are short and long and don't go in any specific order. All of the sticks have stand which is very realistic as to how the sticks would stay horizontal. The mood/tone is very simple and calm.
This artwork depicts Diagonal lines (Direction). The painting shows a boy he appears to be ill who is sitting on a chair next to a bed facing the same way but is diagonal to the boy. Many of the shapes are diagonal to show that the painting is dimensional and realistic. The lines give a 3-D effect (back to the dimensional part.) The bed in the painting is supposed to be depicted as collapsed or broken which could explain why it drawn diagonally to show the whole bed. The mood/tone of the painting is eerie and sad.
This artwork shows Actual (Usage) lines. The artwork depicts actual line in real life on the highway with the white lines that show the break between both roads or the stop lines on a regular street. The actual lines are supposed to be shown realistically in the painting. Another actual line are the lines between the dirt and the street because in real life there are also imaginary lines created naturally. The lines are considered actual lines because they aren't meant to be made but are shown because that's how reality also does. The mood/tone of the painting is powerful and shows freedom.
This artwork exhibits Vertical lines (Direction.) The painting is basically just a bunch of trees but most of the lines are vertical and show a tone/mood of power and greatness. The lines create tall trees so the lines are very wide and long to show the realistic tree in the forest. The vertical lines are scrambled through out the painting. The painting shows the trees as the only main focal point. Vertical lines are pretty simple but this painting depicted it the best because shapes created are mainly used with vertical lines rather than horizontal or diagonal.