Struggle of War - Timothy Cooper

This gallery contains paintings from different war eras and the hardships that the soldiers and citizens went through.

This painting is of a man, made up of both bones and muscles but also made up of various objects holding a torch in front of a ruined city. The contrast between the different objects gives the picture a sinister feeling, showing the man celebrating his victory over ravishing the town in front him.
This picture depicts the aftermath of an air battle during the Battle of Britain. You can see the fall out above the ruined landscape below it, littered with plane parts and parts of bomb casing. The contrast between the brighter colors on the top half of the painting and darker colors on the bottom half really does a good job showing how intense the battle was, but also does a good job setting apart the damage that resulted from it.
This image depicts a room with healing soldiers after they were injured on the battlefield. You can tell by the coloring of their faces and the man's mouth frozen during his scream that they are still suffering greatly. However despite the several injured young men, the real emphasis or focus is on the solider standing up looking at the tragedy that fell to his men. His sad expression sets the tone for the rest of the room.
This poster is one of many propaganda posters that were created during War World II in order to have people contribute to the war. While some asked for young men to enlist in the military, others asked for donations, such as war bonds. The bold colors offer a sense of wonderful and unity among the three that are working on the plane. While this picture looks cheerful, actual war is more of a struggle.
This picture portrays a tank running over the forest underneath it. Several individuals have been crushed either by the tank or the trees surrounding them. There's a sense of unity between the tank, trees, and people. All of them share a similar color scheme (brown, orange, and green) and are blended together to give this paining a good sense of unity.
This image shows the aftermath of chemical weapons used during War World I. Many soldiers have been killed by the gas, however others are standing up, blinded by the chemicals. The large space used in this painting gives you a good look at the effect that these weapons had during WWI.
This painting depicts the wire that decorated the trenches soldiers fought in during WWI. The wire was placed so that the enemy could not cross over into their territory. The dark colors, and dead plant life really gives the image a bleak feel. The wire placed gives the painting a good sense of movement.
This painting depicts the terror that took place during night of bombing that happening in England during the start of WWII in 1941. During this time, several people and their families fled to bomb shelters in order to avoid getting hit by incendiaries. The lines used to paint this image are quick and thin, adding more to the sense of panic that ensues during the bombing.
This picture portrays the discouraged Australian soldiers at Alexandria after being forced to flee Greece. Ivor does a good job utilizing the space of the painting by grouping several soldiers together in order to show the sheer mass of soldiers that were at Alexandira.
This picture depicts the Japanese taking a rough path up a snowy mountain in order to evade the Chinese troops pursing them during the Sino-Japanese War. The thick, rounded clouds do a job at showing that the Japanese are actually hidden by the them, while also providing a sense of movement.
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