Renaissance Gallery of Truth

Brandon Rodriguez and Tyler Holland

This piece of art is Renaissance because of texture and detail from the people's faces and mouths. They also show expression and wrinkles on their faces. Since they studied humanism in the Renaissance it shows that this picture is from that time period.
This image is Renaissance because there is so much detail in each person at the table and the background. It shows on the image,expressions and detailed clothing of the people at the table for The Last Supper.
This art by Leonardo da Vinci shows much humanism and anatomy studies because of lots of texture and detail on the body of this person. He was clearly studying anatomy for his art work.
This picture was clearly Renaissance because of texture on the face and mouth. The background is also very detailed with much expression and a religious theme.
This is a well shown piece of renaissance art because of the realistic figures and the water placement. It is shown by the wear and tear of the rags the people are wearing.
This is showing renaissance art by the stubble of the man's beard. Renaissance is also shown by the clothing creases.
This is a great representation of renaissance art by the hair waves and the anatomy of the neck. The detail in the face is excellent.
This is a great representation of the renaissance art period by the wave in the hair. This is great art piece by the neck anatomy.
This is a great representation of renaissance art because of the anatomy of the arms. This is great because of the detail in the arms.
This is a great representation of renaissance art because of the anatomy. The wave length is perfect in the clothes.
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