Element of art: shape

This gallery consist of artworks with many different types of shapes.  

This picture consist of many high definition shapes. Each apartment or office is separated from each other and the separation of very obvious and visible.
This painting display shapes that form the man in a curvilinear way and have shapes within the man are closer to being rectilinear.
This painting displays representational shapes that form a table that has plates and coffee mugs on it.
In this piece of art the shapes are all rectilinear and geometric because of the sharp and precise lines and edges.
The olympic rings in the painting are the low definition shapes in the piece. The rectangles that are above and below the rings are higher definition.
This piece has a good combination of both positive and negative shapes. The negative areas of the painting are all of the parts in black. The parts that are not black are the positive shapes.
All of the shapes in this picture are rather organic because of how they flow freely and are unpredictable.
This painting has shapes that are all abstract in the sense that they can't give away the meaning of the painting at first glance.
This entire painting consists of non-objective shapes that don't have a meaning or definition in particular.
The shapes in this picture are all abstract and form pattern or sequence in some way.
Credits: All media
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