warm colors

When I think Warm colors I think of Summer, Spring, nature. 

Growing up I always had a passion for this portrait, it makes you look outside the box like what are they looking at, or is it a animal park, is it a gathering or party of sometime
It feels like im in the portrait myself I feel the cool breeze on my face, I can smell the flowers
made me think of A hot summers day, cool breeze blowing every now and then.
after a long hard day of work, just take a couple of minutes to relax and enjoy the summers breeze
winter is now over, flowers are blooming grass getting green trees turning back there natural color
Made me think of a hot summers day, sun beaming through the windows. lighting up the whole room
A long hardworking day, the birds are out sun shining bright as ever
a nice warm day grass is a green as it will ever trees fully bloomed
From early the morning to the crack of dawn working in a hot summers heat
an Unusual painting its just life it can be whatever you want it to be about life.
Credits: All media
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