Human Nature though Rhythmic Patterns of Color- Janay Peters

Graffiti/Wall Art has been around for so many years and has been looked down upon for many of those years. It is really hard for people to see the beauty in something that might have a bad reputation. In this collection you will find many works of art that show a very creative side of Graffiti through Pattern, Color, and Movement. 

JonOne, JonOne, From the collection of: Museum of Street Art
This abstract work of art is very interesting because of the many words written closely together and how it creates that really neat pattern. The colors are clear behind the very distinct dark lines.
Untitled, PROZAK, 2013, From the collection of: São Paulo Street Art
This piece is really cool because it clearly uses the attributes of movement, patterns and colors; which creates a Rhythm! I love how they created it to look like glasses around someones eyes.
ASpire: No Limits, Ernel Martinez, Photo by Steve Weinik, 2014-11-01, From the collection of: City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
By far one of my favorite, this piece focuses on pattern and emphasis. The focus is mainly on the man, but without the pattern of the blocks surrounding him, it wouldn't be. Very creative work of art!
The key, Dmitri Aske, 2013 - 2013, From the collection of: Artmossphere Studio
Lines, Patterns, Color, and Texture are all shown in this image. The picture is so vivid that it really looks like stained glass windows in a church. The lines help to make the patterns clear and distinct. The different shades of colors really help to make this art so real looking.
Untitled, MINHAU, 2013, From the collection of: São Paulo Street Art
One of the cutest pieces that I have! This image really captures pattern with the blocks, color in the whole work of art, and shapes all over. I love this because it really connects with children and makes for a very cute mural! Graffiti is one of my favorite types of art because of pieces like this.
Untitled, NOVE, 2011/2013, From the collection of: São Paulo Street Art
Love this piece, The texture, color, and patterns are clearly known. The image really shows a rhythmic pattern from all of the blocks that are "bleeding." This is very imaginative and very expressive piece of art! It looks like a dragon coming out of a box, but it also looks like origami, so cool!
This is a little weird, but very original. It has an obvious pattern of the cool looking faces, the curved lines that shape their faces, and the color that highlights the individual characters. This art work really packs a lot of different emotions from the frowning faces to the angry faces, it makes you wonder what they are frowning at!
5.20.11, KA, 2011-05-20, From the collection of: Street Art NYC
The first word that comes to mind when I look at this piece is; Texture! The feathering effect really makes this image look like I can touch it, the pattern of the furriness also plays a huge role!
Thierry Noir, Thierry Noir, From the collection of: Street Art London
These cute guys have a lot in common; lines, color, pattern, and repetition. I love this piece because it really represents part of what I am going for in this collection. Fun art that comes together.
Zmogk, Details, Zmogk, 2014, From the collection of: Artmossphere Studio
Last but not least, This piece is odd, but creative. The way that the pattern of colors and shapes come together make for an awesome collage. Also, the face that they all come together to create is very genius! I found this image to be a distinct replica of the depth of graffiti and how it can speak to someone on a deeper level.
Credits: All media
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