Turf grass

The theme of this art gallery is Turf Grass as I'm sure one can infer by the title.  This art gallery embodies the beauties of turf grass agriculture.  There is much that goes into managing and maintaining a pristine turf grass complex; whether it be a golf course, a professional soccer field, multi-field sports complex or even just a nice lawn.  Chemistry and math are key subjects when it comes to being able to grow a perfect playing surface or lush grass.  The works in this gallery will bring into light the beauties and aesthetics of turf grass with maybe a little history as well.

Avaya Stadium View from the Corner, Bob Anderson, 2015-03-22, From the collection of: History San José
This picture of Avaya Stadium is a perfect representation of a perfect playing surface and the rewarding feeling that a turf manager has when they see all of there hard work being enjoyed by thousands
Golf Course- Vietnam, Larry Burrows, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
This photo is interesting. It is a picture of a golf course in Vietnam being used as an airstrip during the Vietnam war. This just goes to show that sometimes even growing grass can throw you loops.
The lawn mower, Dorrit BLACK, c.1932, From the collection of: Art Gallery of South Australia
The lawn mower by Dorrit Black is fairly self explanatory. This photo is circa 1932 so it just shows even back then having a kept lawn was something people felt was important.
Dodgers' Ebbetts Field, Sam Shere, 1946-07, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
This picture of Ebbetts Field is a different take on sports turf. Its not just sports like soccer or golf that demand a perfect pitch for the ball to roll but even baseball shares the beauty of grass.
Cornell Capa, 1952, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
This picture shows how flowers and landscape can really be complemented by thick lush turf grass and it can be quite eye catching. Think if there was no grass and everything was dirt.
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