Nature's view                                  by                                      De'niaya thomas 

The visual theme for this gallery is perspective, and the subject-based theme is nature.  This gallery will give you the opportunity to explore different types of perspectives, like linear and atmospheric perspective, and allows you to see first hand how various artists apply these certain methods in their individual pieces.

Sunset 2, Diego Rivera, 1956, From the collection of: Museo Dolores Olmedo
This is a painting of a mountain, a sky, and large body of water. Perspective is used by the way they sized the mountains. The artist shrunk the mountain to make it appear as though it was far away. The artist used atmospheric perspective in the clouds to create distance.
Violet and gold, Frederick McCUBBIN, 1911, From the collection of: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
This picture is of moose in the woods drinking water. This relates to nature, because it's set in the woods. It shows perspective, because the artist paints objects different sizes to depict distance.
Autumn at Hibara Lake, OSHITA Tojiro, 1907, From the collection of: Iwami Art Museum
This is an image of a lake with a few trees and rocks. The artist uses perspective to raise up the mountain in the background to make it appear as though it is farther away than it really is.
Orchard in Spring, By, Alfred Sisley, 1881, From the collection of: Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
In this image, there are individuals in an forest. Two are heading to a lake. This picture relates to perspective, because the artist used parallel lines to create a tree that looks to have fallen.
The plain of Gennevilliers, yellow fields, Gustave Caillebotte, (1884), From the collection of: National Gallery of Victoria
This is a painting of a field with houses in the distance. This painting visually reflects my theme, because the houses are draw smaller to make them look smaller. The author uses linear perspective to make it appear like there are rows present.
Sunset 9, Diego Rivera, 1956, From the collection of: Museo Dolores Olmedo
This picture shows a piece of land overlooking a lake. This painting depicts atmospheric perspective. The artist uses the clouds to create distance. The clouds and the sky are darker than the lake, which is perceived as loss of clarity, making them look father away than they really are.
Landscape, Paramjit Singh, 1980/1981, From the collection of: National Gallery of Modern Art
This is a picture of a mountain. The artist uses size to give off a different perspective. The artist enlarges the mountains to make it appear taller. Also, Singh aligns the clouds in the corner of the photo to make them seem as though the are smaller than the mountain. If he wanted them to appear larger, he could have placed them in the center of the photograph.
Terezin, Outdoor View, Karas, Otto, 1942, From the collection of: Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History
In this picture, we can see a few trees, two humans, and what appears to be a barn. Karas uses linear perspective for the trees and the path to the barn. The linear perspective he uses for the lines for the path is what gives it a path look. The author angles the barn to give off a perspective that makes the barn looks like it is sitting off in the distance.
Powder River, FRANK REAUGH, 1915, From the collection of: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum
In this image you can see mountains in the distance. There is also a lake and a few trees present. The author uses a variation in color, which is called atmospheric perspective, to convey distance. The author shrinks the clouds and the mountain that is further in the back to make them seem link the they are smaller.
In this is image there are houses and factories that surround a pond. There are also a few trees, and a hill in the distance. This painting relates to my theme in a few ways. The author used linear perspective to paint the pond. The pond is stretch out to make it appear long than what it is. In reality, the author made the things around the far end of the lake smaller, so that it could appear as though it is in the distance.
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