PERSPECTIVE Konner Sherman

Konner Sherman, perspective art gallery!!

Rainy Day, Boston, Childe Hassam, 1885, From the collection of: The Toledo Museum of Art
I picked this one for my perspective gallery because it describes perspective perfectly. If i had to describe perspective to someone, i would show them this. Also, i really like it!
The Fire of Rome, Hubert Robert, circa 1785, From the collection of: MuMa - Musée d'art moderne André Malraux
This one is really good at perspective. its got that bright light right at the end of the tunnel that focuses your attention right off.
The Walker, Max Klinger, 1878, From the collection of: Alte Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
this one i think is a different way of showing perspective. The back wall kind of starts you off at one end and then lets your eye follow the wall down to the end. then the painting seems to go on forever.
This is a great perspective. it lets your eye walk down the road, right to the back looks like there is a big church down at the end of the road. But i feel like the church doesn't have the right colors when i zoom in on it it doesn't feel like it should really be there.
Rua de Tunis, Georg Grimm, c. 1874, From the collection of: Pinacoteca de São Paulo
This painting is a good perspective, not the same style as some of my other paintings, objects seem less detailed, but this painting as all the others lead your eye down the panting letting you feel like you're there in the panting.  
Vienna, Dominican Church, Bernardo Bellotto, called Canaletto, 1759/1760, From the collection of: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
this one kind of raises you up off the road. maybe we are looking out a window or something. i love the shadows the sun must be setting. lots of detail in the sky also. really like this painting.
Suburb, Kosta Hakman, 1928, From the collection of: The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection
good representation of perspective. the painting isn't giving you all the detail which makes it different type of perspective. depending on "your perspective" 
The Staircase of the London Residence of the Painter, Pieter Christoffel Wonder, 1828, From the collection of: Centraal Museum
i like this painting. when i look at it right off its like my eye is walking down the staits and then heading out the door, lots of motion in this painting. looks like they just came in from a rabit hunt. love the shadows. i love shadows in paintings, so cool!
Susanna and the Elders, Jacopo Robusti, called Tintoretto, 1555/1556, From the collection of: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
this one has some perspective but not like my other paintings, my eye is focused right on the woman in the front first, then it moves back and you see how theres some sort of tunnel behind her. she is clearly the center of ittention in this piece.
The 'Golden Bend' in the Herengracht, Seen from the East, Gerrit Adriaensz. Berckheyde, 1671 - 1672, From the collection of: Rijksmuseum
Lady at the Virginal with a Gentleman, 'The Music Lesson', Johannes Vermeer, c.1662 - 1665, From the collection of: Royal Collection Trust, UK
this ones got a different type of perspective also, it doesn't really focus on the people in the piece, but at the same time it does. the rest of the painting brings your eye to them eventualy.
The Home of the Heron, George Inness (American, 1825–1894), 1893, From the collection of: The Art Institute of Chicago
this could agruably be perspective.if i really look at the painting i see some perspective, but at first look i dont get a perspective feel. the part where i see the perspective is right on that little bird with the light shining threw kind of lets your eye go off into the background and make up your own rest of the painting.
Depiction of the Universe Series, Yoo, Geun Taek, 2009, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
this painting i really like. When i look at it i get a feel of perspective but i picked it because im not sure if the things in the room are really small, or if the room is really big...very fun to think about.
The House on the Bridge, Diego Rivera, 1909, From the collection of: Museo Nacional de Arte
great representation of perspective, love the shadows and the warm colors, feel like a nice summer night.
The Ambassadors, Hans Holbein the Younger, 1533, From the collection of: The National Gallery, London
this is a diferent type of perspective, the way you look at it depends on what you see. as you walk past it a skull will forum where you see that blob of white.