The Guardian of The Gates To Heaven - Matthew Cimini

This gallery contains representations of Saint Peter (also known as Shimon, Simeon, Piotr, and Pietro) who is the bearer to the keys to heaven, in paintings and woodcuts.

Saints Peter and Francis of Assisi, Carracci, Lodovico, c.1600, From the collection of: Dulwich Picture Gallery
This Painting depicts Saint Peter and Saint Francis of Assisi standing on a hillside. Saint Peter is on the left side of the picture and appears to be holding a key. His gold garments utilize different shades of yellows and golds and use wavy lines to give a sense of texture and movement.
Saint Peter, German 15th Century, 1480/1490, From the collection of: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
This piece is a hand painted woodcut that depicts Saint Peter holding what is said to be the key to heaven. The size of the key brings a lot of attention to it. The key also uses the same shade of blue as the sky to symbolize that they key is for heaven.
The release of St Peter, Bernardo Strozzi, circa 1635, From the collection of: Art Gallery of New South Wales
This painting depicts Saint Peter having shackles being taken off of him by an angel. The expression that the artist painted on Saint Peters face is almost like a look of wonder as he look off into the distance. the black background leaves a lot to the imagination about where this seen takes place.
The Calling of Saint Peter, Giacomo Jaquerio, c.1405 - 1410, From the collection of: Palazzo Madama
One half of this painting depicts Jesus Christ standing on water calling to Saint Peter while the other half shows an apostle and a group of fisherman in a boat and saint peter kneeling in the water while looking at Jesus. The artist used different shades of greys and whites to create a sense of movement in the water. One thing that really stands out to me is the emotional look on Saint Peters face while Jesus appears to be very calm and serene.
Saint Peter, Annibale Carracci, 1604-1607, From the collection of: Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya - MNAC, Barcelona
This painting depicts Saint Peter holding the key to heaven and pointing up towards the sky. The artist uses many different shades of blue, yellow, brown, and tan in the piece which creates a great deal of detail. I find that this painting is not very symmetrical. Saint Peters right eye appears to be slightly bigger than the left and also his hairline is off center. there is also a few small details that stand out like how his right foot appears to have six toes and how there is also a thin golden halo above his head.
Liberation of Saint Peter, Giovanni Lanfranco, About 1620 - 1621, From the collection of: Birmingham Museum of Art
This painting depicts an angel coming to liberate Saint Peter. The artist used different shading techniques to make it look like there is a beam of light shining down on Saint Peter and the angel. the use of the shading in the light of the room creates an emphasis on the angel instead of the men in armor in the background.
Saint Peter the Apostle, Bernardino Zenale, About 1510/1512, From the collection of: Birmingham Museum of Art
This painting depicts Saint Peter holding the keys to heaven. In the painting, Saint Peter in standing in an archway that gives the illusion of depth. although the painting is flat, the artist was able to create depth in the archway by making the arch gradually get lower in height and thinner in width. one thing that really stands out is the detail in the lines of his beard compared to everything else in the piece.
The Crucifixion of Saint Peter, Antolínez, José, 1660, From the collection of: Dulwich Picture Gallery
This painting depicts Saint Peter being crucified while a crowd watches. there is a lot of contrast in the sky. Towards the top of the painting the clouds look dark and stormy, but at the bottom they appear to be opening up with sunlight shining through. i take this as a symbol that heaven is opening for Saint Peter. Emphasis is drawn to Saint Peter by making him brighter and more detailed then everyone else in the painting.
Saint Peter in Tears, El Greco, 1587 - 1596, From the collection of: Museo del Greco
This painting is a depiction of Saint Peter praying with tears in his eyes. The artist used specs of white in his eyes to give the illusion of tears. He also used shades of red in his face to give the impression that Saint Peter is upset. Off to the left of Saint Peter is an orb of light that appears to contain the silhouette of a person.
This painting depicts Saint Peter and Saint Paul standing next to each other. The artist used different shades of grey and white in the clouds to create the illusion that the clouds are moving around the saints. There is not many defined lines used in this piece, instead most of the lines are smooth so it has more of a washed out look to it.
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