Pink Passion

This is a collection of beautiful, modern, pink artwork. Though not all of these pieces are purely pink, they do all have pink as a dominant color within them. This collection will interest those who are fascinated by the color pink, or even those that love colorful and bright things in general.

Life Journal (New scenery in dream), Suk, Chul Joo, 2007, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
This piece uses shades of pink exclusively to create an image. The image itself is very dreamy due to the color as well as the blurry look of the scenery. This image fits perfectly into the "all pink" theme of this gallery.
New Scenery in Dream, Suk, Chul Joo, 2009, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
This is another painting by artists Suk, Chul Joo. This piece is similar to the first one, but contains much brighter shades of pink.
Ballet on pink, Katya Medvedeva, 2004 - 2004, From the collection of: Museum of Fine Arts in Peredelkino
This painting also contains a lot of pink in it, but it also contains quite a bit of blue. Blue and pink are complimentary of each other and this painting seems to fade into blue from pink.
Pink Bathtub, Abdul Rahim Sharif, From the collection of: Barjeel Art Foundation
This piece is darker and closer to purple but still fits within the aesthetic of the gallery. The focus of the picture may not be majority pink, but the background is.
Rooster Paperweight with Pink Overlay, John Gooderham (Canadian, 1930-2007), cut by Edward Poore (American), c.1991, From the collection of: Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass
This piece is a bit more minimalistic than the others but also it is very bright. although the focus of it is within a block background, the pink border adds an element of brightness to it.
Pink Roses in a Vase, Attributed to Pierre Joseph Redouté, 1838, From the collection of: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
This picture has a very clear and beautiful image. The Pink flowers in the vase are obviously the focus but the dark background brings them out much more.
Bubble-Pink, Kim, Joon, 2005, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
another entirely pink piece, this image relies on depth and perspective to give the illusion that it is three dimensional.
Untitled, Buff Monster, 2014-10-25, From the collection of: Outdoor Project
This piece of street art is very cartoonish and reminiscent of urban graffiti.
A Leopard of My Very Own, Philip Graf Wallpapers, Inc., 1967–68, From the collection of: Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
This piece probably contains the least amount of pink out of all the others. However the pink and purple both pop out on the green background and I found it to mach the theme of the gallery.
Woman with Dog, Katharina Fritsch, 2004, From the collection of: Kunsthaus Zürich
This piece is very simple but beautiful. the woman is a light shade of pink and the dog is white and they both heavily compliment each other.
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