Color Me Lovely 

My name is Cheyanne and my art gallery has the theme of color and love. The reason why I chose these two elements because they compliment one another greatly. I say this because in most cases when an artist is depicting love they show passion and great feeling. I feel the best way of showing passion or great feeling is with color.

Untitled - (Boy on Heart), Icy and Sot, 2013-10-27/2013-10-29, From the collection of: WALL\THERAPY
In this work of art, it shows a child that is in black and white sitting on top of a bright red heart, that one can assume the child painted because of the paint brush in his hand. I believe that this reflects my theme because it shows that a child’s love is bright and big. Meaning that children love everything big and need to be loved.
The Progress of Love: The Meeting, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, 1771 - 1773, From the collection of: The Frick Collection
In this painting, you can see two lovers meeting in a garden. This fits with my gallery’s theme because it shows the love between these two characters that you can assume they are meeting in secret, but love knows no bounds. This relates to color because the background colors you could say is boring a dull compared to the lovers’ clothing. The red and white colors of their clothing I feel represents love and innocence.
Persecuted lovers, Arthur BOYD, 1957-58, From the collection of: Art Gallery of South Australia
Persecuted lovers shows two lovers in each other’s embrace. We can assume that on of the lovers is dead because he is a dark blue and because a third character is holding a gun and pointing it at the two lovers. This relates to my theme because it obviously shows love because of the lover’s embrace. But the colors in the painting help tell the story that the artist was trying to portray.
Paolo and Francesca da Rimini, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1867, From the collection of: National Gallery of Victoria
In Paolo and Francesca da Rimini it pictures two lovers kissing by a window. The two characters are dressed in green and red, which it is believed to be the colors of love. It is also a great contrast to the rest of the painting because is dark browns or darker tans.
The Heart of Jesus, Juan Patricio Morlete Ruiz, 1759, From the collection of: Museo Nacional de Arte
In The Heart of Jesus it shows a heart with a thorn crown around it and a cross coming out of the top. There is bright white surrounding the heart and around the heart it shows angels, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus’s disciples. This shows love because of the heart it shows the love of Jesus Christ and what he went through for his disciples. Around the heart is light colors because it represents holiness.
Lovers in a landscape, Pieter Jan van Reysschoot, ca. 1740, From the collection of: Yale Center for British Art
In Lovers in a Landscape there are two people who are sitting underneath a tree enjoying each other’s company. This incorporates my theme because you can tell that there is love between the two people because of the look and the man’s face. The colors that are in this are lighter on the woman and I believe the reasoning being is because the woman is the light of the man’s world.
It’s Good for Your Heart, Jane Ash Poitras, 2003, From the collection of: Royal Ontario Museum
In the work of art is shows black and white photos of Native Americans. Underneath one of the photos there are bright reds and different designs and objects from Native American culture. This incorporates to my theme because the red symbolizes different elements to the Native American culture that the artist loves.
The flight of Madeline and Porphyro during the drunkenness attending the revelry (The Eve of St. Agnes), William Holman Hunt, 1847/1857, From the collection of: Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
In this painting it shows two people in a room where tragedy has taken place. The man dressed in bright colors seems to be angry and has caused the death of the man in the floor because of the woman that has her arm wrapped around the brightly dressed man. This incorporates color and love because the bright colors represent that they are the main point and it shows that they are connected.
Lovers on a terrace, late 18th century, From the collection of: Freer and Sackler Galleries
Lovers on a terrace shows a young man and woman looking at each other lovingly on a terrace. This shows the theme because it shows love through the young couples looks at each other and their embrace. The colors blue show royalty which would let you assume that this is a wedding portrait of some sort.
Lovers in a glade, Marcellus Laroon the Younger, between 1750 and 1755, From the collection of: Yale Center for British Art
Lovers in a glade shows a forest scene with a young couple in an opening of the forest. The background is very dark but there is great detail in the trees and the young couples. The couple is vastly lighter than the rest of the painting. You can tell that the young couple are lovers because there a very close together and exchanging loving looks.
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