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Places of History

Glen Echo Park, Maryland, Original Source:
The Formal elements consist of a deep, narrow, three story home with 36 bedrooms. Part of the materials used came from emergency shelters from the Red Cross. The home also had two massive stone towers in the front. The inside of the home was built to look like the inside of a Mississippi steamboat. All of the rooms faced the center of the house.
Liberty Bell, 1753, Original Source:
This is a full rounded and three-dimensional. The bell was made of many different metals but the main ones were: copper, tin, lead, and zinc. This bell stands for our liberty and justice. It is a bell that rings for our freedom.
Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Ferdinand Richardt, c. 1858 - 1863, From the collection of: The White House
It consists of one large multi-story building with two smaller wings. The hall was made of red brick with marble accents. The style of the hall is Georgian and on the inside it has curved woodwork throughout. The hall was originally built to be our state house.
The White House, Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum of the National Archives and Records Administration, From the collection of: U.S. National Archives
The White House, although it appears to be two stories, is three stories tall. It has an east wing, a west wing, executive residence, and much more. It is constructed of white painted sandstone, wood, and a steel frame. It's style is of neoclassical, roman architecture.
Upper West Side- Central Park West Historic District, From the collection of: NYC Landmarks50 Alliance
It lies between Central Park and the Hudson River. It consists of very tall apartment building and town homes that were built in the pre-depression era. They have distinctive stonework and most are made with brick.
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