Elements of Art

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View through a Baroque Colonnade into a Garden, 1760-1768, Antonio Canal, called Canaletto, 1760-1768, From the collection of: Albertina
The lines in this artwork are straight such as vertical and horizontal lines. This is a good example of lines because there are even implied lines and curvy lines.
Vase in the Shape of an Archaic Jade 'Cong' Ritual Implement, Unidentified Artist, Qianlong period, 1736 - 1795, From the collection of: Harvard Art Museums
The form in this artwork, you can see a rectangular prism and on top of it is a cylinder
Still life with melon, Pablo Picasso, 1948, From the collection of: Galleria Civica di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Torino
Picasso used mostly geometric shapes. I notice the circles, triangles, and squares. He also used organic shapes. I notice the oval like shapes and rectangular like shapes
The Abduction of Europa, Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn, 1632, From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
In this artwork, this artist used value by making the right side light and the left side dark.
Roses, Convolvulus, Poppies, and Other Flowers in an Urn on a Stone Ledge, Rachel Ruysch, ca. 1680s - ca. 1680s, From the collection of: National Museum of Women in the Arts
In this artwork, this artist made awesome texture by making the flowers have a smooth and soft texture. When you zoom in it looks as though it is cracked and rough looking.
Life life, Choi, Jeonghwa, 2012, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
This artist used tons of color. The balloons in this artwork make the whole room pop. This artwork uses every color in the rainbow.
Daily Drawing 100501, Yee, Sookyung, 2010, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
The artist used space in this piece by having most of the picture in negative space while the only positive space is the high heels.
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