This gallery includes images representing moments of delight and images that express delight. Gallery created by: Faith Nelson.

The Girl Wearing a Red Woolen Cap, Chihiro Iwasaki, 1972 - 1972, From the collection of: Chihiro Art Museum
The Girl Wearing a Red Woolen Cap shows the image of a girl's head and gloved hands with falling snow surrounding her. Her smile, rosy cheeks, and position of her hands give the impression of joy.
Empress Jingu and Takenouchi no Sukune fishing at Chikuzen, from the series Mirror of Famous Generals of Japan, Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Publisher: N. Kumagai, 1879, From the collection of: Freer and Sackler Galleries
Empress Jingu and Takenouchi no Sukune Fishing shows the image of two individuals caught in the moment of excitement as they bring in their catch.
A Moment in Time, Odano Naoyuki, 1999, From the collection of: Adachi Museum of Art
A Moment in Time focuses on the intricate architecture of an entry way looking out toward the doors. Almost lost in the image are the figures of two children engaged in a game with each other
Still Life with Orange, Süleyman Seyyid Bey (Turkish, 1842-1913), 1904, From the collection of: Sakıp Sabancı Museum
Still Life with Orange is a vibrant image of a sliced orange sitting on a flat surface. It is a moment in time that evokes a sense of joy, warmth, and prosperity.
Boys Playing on the Shore, Albert Edelfelt, 1884, From the collection of: Ateneum Art Museum
Boys Playing on the Shore depicts the image of three boys playing with toy boats in the shallows. It is a moment of adventure, joy and pleasure as boys get to be boys.
Mother's Day, Chihiro Iwasaki, 1972 - 1972, From the collection of: Chihiro Art Museum
Mother's Day is the image of a child showing affection toward his mother with a flower and a hug. The momentary embrace is a perfect capture of delight for both individuals as they share affection.
Blue Boat at Porquerolles, Pierre-Albert Marquet, 1938, From the collection of: Dixon Gallery and Gardens
Blue Boat at Porquerolles shows the image of a sail boat on the calm, blue water. The serene water, sky, and landscape behind give the impression of peace and complete enjoyment.
The Joyous Festival, Gaston La Touche, ca. 1906, From the collection of: Dixon Gallery and Gardens
The Joyous Festival depicts a celebration involving individuals in a boat watching the fireworks, and four dancing individuals on the shore. All are caught up in the delight of the moment.
Children with Yellow Umbrellas, Chihiro Iwasaki, 1971 - 1971, From the collection of: Chihiro Art Museum
Children with Yellow Umbrellas captures a moment where a group of children are caught in the rain. Unlike adults, the rain seems to enliven these children as they romp and splash along.
Approach to Mundi Mundi, Shaun Gladwell, 2007, From the collection of: Art Gallery of New South Wales
Approach to Mundi Mundi shows the image of an individual on a motorcycle facing an expanse in front. With arms stretched to the side, the figure gives the impression of thrill, freedom, and delight.
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