Inspiring geometric, patterns and structure in art to celebrate and questioning nanotechnology. Nature creates incredible structure when they build, these structures of geometrical, patters, lines can be found in art as well. The collection is a reminder that nature can be used as your guide and master. Technology of the twenty-first century will most probably be dominated by the commercialization of objects at a very small scale, also known as nanometre scale. Already now we benefit from nanotechnology. Nevertheless, we are not yet possible to control and build nano structures one by one at atomic level. The possibilities using nature as your teacher, designing at atomic level raises without doubts many important questions for mankind such as environmental, human and patenting. See also my latest post on nanotechnology in textile industry and fashion

Auckland art gallery. painting no.1 breaks the lines as it ends somewhere.
The immense power of these simple symbols made by Chung are truly inspirational.
Another symbol used by Chung on the eco-project
Break Down installation By Michael Landry shows the bluepr over the object break down . All of his possessions including a Saab 9000 Turbo was taken apart and sorted and categorized