Faces on the Wall- Nash Singh

This is a gallery of street art depicting murals of large scale faces. By utilizing color and contrast, these faces become ever more distinct from their surroundings; the more distinct they become, the more the faces stand out from their surroundings, creating an exponential curve whereby these faces transcend the medium in which they were created. Street art, generally regarded as cheap, minimalistic graffiti, becomes something more grand and meaningful.

5.30.11, Meres One, 2011-05-30, From the collection of: Street Art NYC
This piece depicts DC Comics' Joker as he is portrayed in the Arkham video game series over top of the Gotham skyline. The angle of the photograph helps to place the Joker further into the foreground and the use of vibrant colors accentuates him as the focal point of the piece. This piece captures the theme of this gallery as the prominent face of a figure that embraces chaos.
Obey - Shepard Fairey, Obama portrait, Obey - Shepard Fairey, From the collection of: Museum of Street Art
This 'OBEY' mural parodies the original 'Hope' campaign posters of Barack Obama's 2008 presidential bid. The use of color creates excellent contrast to draw the eye towards Obama. Combining a mandala design with the linear style of traditional Russian propaganda design further highlights Obama as the focus of this mural.
Mrs Chaleyat, Atma, 2012-09/2012-09, From the collection of: NOBULO
A mural depicting the dean overseeing the Loved Ones art project. This piece is displayed on the front of the city hall in Paris, facing the Louvre. The painstakingly done grayscale portrait of this woman is highlighted by the corresponding inclusion of a rainbow of colors to create a candy-stripesque background, making it easy to connect how this lady would be a loved one worthy of such a tribute.
Apset at 2nd Street Mode Festival, Apset, 2010/2010, From the collection of: Street Mode Festival
A mural of a blue-haired, ashen-faced man smoking a cigarette. This piece makes excellent use of bright, vibrant colors to create a dynamic representation of a man plagued by his vices. The blue of his hair and collar make his pallid complexion stand out, which in turn brings out the sickly gray bags around his eyes and lining his mouth; his strikingly yellow teeth are likewise accentuated by the purple of his lips. As the user looks for an explanation for this man's appearance, you finally notice what appears to be a cigarette tucked in a corner of his mouth.
Engine No. 9, Malatesta, 2010/2013, From the collection of: graffitimundo
This piece, created by oxidized metal, depicts a young man from an auto-shop. This piece demonstrates the patience involved to create color contrast in metalwork to effectively represent a face on a wall.As the artist stenciled out the light blues and grays of the background, the different levels of corrosion in the metal helps to draw the eye to the portrayal of the man set against the light as the focal point of the work.
We Never Die, Cyrcle x Branded Arts, 2011, From the collection of: The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles
This piece depicts the skin and muscle beneath a human face. While the size of the face makes it the only object in the piece, the use of lines draw the eye around the entirety of the work. Without going overboard, the piece makes good use of color to create enough contrast to include it's text in the same piece effectively.
Life, Hendrik ecb Beikirch, 2014, From the collection of: Street Art 13
A large mural of an older man sprayed on the side of a building in Tunisia as part of the Djerbahood project. Done in black and white, this piece creates a brilliant contrast between the elegance of the work itself and the relative state of disrepair of it's surroundings. The use of perspective is excellently done to fool the viewer into thinking that this piece was created on a single two-dimensional surface.
Untitled (man with baseball hat), Barry McGee, 2000, From the collection of: Art Gallery of New South Wales
This piece is characteristic of the artist's signature style. A slack-faced caricature of a man wearing a baseball style cap. Note the contrast between the face and the rest of the mural. The face is the only part of the work with any sort of detail, forcibly drawing the eye to it. While you would think that the difference in color would simply have one stare at the bold whiteness of the figure's shirt, the simplicity of the entirety of the work redirects focus to the face on the wall.
OBEY // Shepard Fairy, Shepard Fairy, 2015, From the collection of: Graffiti Lobby Berlin
The 'OBEY' logo, based on an older piece of street artwork titled "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" also created by Fairey. A simple image in black and white creates good contrast, and the space between the focal point of the giant face and the rest of the street art creates a standout distinction, successfully fulfilling the artist's intention of causing the viewer to question their surroundings.
ECB, ECB - Hendrik Beikirch, 2014-09-04/2014-09-07, From the collection of: No Limit Street Art Borås
This piece is another massive Beikirch mural on the side of a building in Sweden, depicting an elderly gentleman with a wild mane of hair and beard with the caption "Moments of Life". Created entirely in black and white, this piece makes wonderful use of perspective to display just how massive this face on the wall truly is. As it lacks color, the artist makes extensive use of lines to draw the viewer's eye around the piece and create a sense of texture to the work. The hair, skin, suit, and scarf all show a different texture.
Credits: All media
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