Greek art

By Nicole Rodak

Gold wreath, unknown artist, -0400/-0200, From the collection of: Benaki Museum of Greek Civilization
The gold wreath, also known as laurel wreath is typically used in costumes and images to portray Greek culture. The wreath is made of interlocking branches and leaves of the bay laurel. In Greek mythology, Apollo is represented wearing a laurel wreath on his head. During Ancient Greece, winners in competitions like sports or poetry would often receive a wreath on their head.
Earrings, Unknown, "late 3rd-early 2nd c. BC" - "", From the collection of: Museum of Cycladic Art
The earrings contain pendent Sphinxes as shown in the round. They are made from several tiny metal sheets. They also contain a black gem that has been put in the middle of the earring. The intricate details on these earrings during this time period makes them unique to other earrings in this time period and to today's earrings.
Pair of Disk Earrings, Unknown, late 6th century B.C., From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
Etruscan goldsmiths used filigree and granulation to create luxurious and elaborate jewelry like shown here. Tiny hollow gold beads mounted on wires form the central rosette. Two bands of floral ornament circle the center. The design can be applied to a thin sheet of a circular shaped piece of gold with a slightly raised edge.
Pair of Earrings in the Form of Eros, Greek, 3rd–2nd century BC, From the collection of: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
The earrings portray Eros, the god of love. When people wore earrings with Eros on them, in Greek culture it was thought that it would make the person wearing the earrings more desirable. The earrings are also made out of gold. The earrings were also made during the early Hellenistic Period.
Gold earring, unknown artist, -0250/-0200, From the collection of: Benaki Museum of Greek Civilization
The gold earring is intricately decorated with filigree and granulation. It contains a loutrophoros pendant of glass paste. The size of the earring and the shape makes it unique to other earrings. The technique used to make this earring and the small details show, that a skilled craftsman like an Etruscan goldsmith may have made it.
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