Coffee ART

Taking a look at the TEXTURE

Still Life with Coffee Cups, Anton Faistauer, 1912, From the collection of: Leopold Museum
I love the glossy look of the table. You know it was freshly polished and feels smooth and slick. The fruit looks realistic and ready to eat.
The White Coffee Pot, Elizabeth Okie Paxton, 1951 - 1951, From the collection of: Maryhill Museum of Art
I love the shadow on the mixing bowl from the spoon inside of it. It looks like the eggs were just cracked with the broken shells laying on the table. I love the light yellow hand towel- it looks like it would be soft and worn.
Coffee Grinder, Juan Gris, 1920, From the collection of: Museo Reina Sofia
I feel like the texture of the beans is the star of this painting. It reminds me of eating chocolate covered coffee beans!
A Coffee House in Tophane, Megerdich Jivanian (from Thomas Allom), Late 19th Century, From the collection of: Pera Museum
I love the texture in the walls of this 19th Century Coffee House. The detailing in the wallpaper and the molding is beautiful!
Pouring the morning coffee, Laurits Tuxen, 1906, From the collection of: Skagens Museum
You can feel the gentleness of the morning as the sun shines into the kitchen and lays it's beams across the floor. I love the texture shown in the pattern of the sunbeam.
Women Drinking Coffee, Jean-Baptiste Vanmour, First half of the 18th Century, From the collection of: Pera Museum
I love the texture and richness of the women's gowns. I also love that the painting features women out of the home and in a social setting doing something just for them.
Enjoying Coffee, French School, First half of the 18th Century, From the collection of: Pera Museum
I love the texture of the fine fabrics used for the tunic and headpiece. The richness just pulls you into the scene. I would love to own this piece.
Athenian coffee-house during the 1956 parliamentary election, Harissiadis Dimitris A., 1956, From the collection of: Benaki Museum of Greek Civilization
I love the shading and shadows in this black and white piece. The men are wearing fedoras and smoking and enjoying a drink. I can almost smell the coffee and feel the cigarette smoke.
Figures in a Tavern or Coffee House, William Hogarth, Joseph Highmore, ca. 1725 or after 1750, From the collection of: Yale Center for British Art
This dark coffee house gives the impression of an old days boy's club. The texture of the floor looks aged and you can almost feel the warmth of a fireplace across the room.
Painting materials are korean paper, acrylic, soil, glue, coffee and linseed oil on cotton., Yang, Dae-Won, 양대원, 2010/2010, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
This painting of a pitcher gives the impression of glass; however I find the blue liquid and the yellow star floating inside odd.
The Cup of Coffee, 1940 - 1940, From the collection of: Museum of Arts and Sciences
This painting feels flat to me and the perspective feels off. The blue hue is fun but the dog going in a different direction from the woman causes conflict to me.
Coffee for the Exhausted Conquerors of Engebi Island—The United States Marines, Chief Photographer's Mate Ray R. Platnick USCGR, 1944, From the collection of: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
I love the texture and grit of this photograph. The clean purity of the white cups in contrast with the dirty labors makes quite an impact in this black and white piece.
The Coffee bean, Nanda, 난다, 2008/2008, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
This painting is gorgeous! I love the texture of the silky blue pillows and black kimonos. The paper cups are unexpected and make me smile.
Phanariot Greek Ladies, Daniel Valentine Rivière, Mid-19th Century, From the collection of: Pera Museum
The softness of these two Greek ladies as they sit to enjoy their coffee is touching. I feel like the one woman is bringing a pillow to the other woman to make her comfortable... perhaps her back hurts.
A Day of Celebration, Fanny Brate, 1902, From the collection of: Nationalmuseum Sweden
I love the crisp white linens in this painting. The room feels really old, but clean and well kept. I like the glass chandelier and the white curtains in contrast with the art on the wall and the vase filled with blue flowers.
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