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Carved Gemstone, Unknown, 1001 AH, From the collection of: The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait
I am amazed at the beauty of which the flower is superimposed on this emerald gemstone. At first sight I thought it could of been of Japanese origins especially with the green color. The dark green is very nature like and makes you feel at one with the earth. A light shinning beneath this gem would bring out its internal beauty.
1843, From the collection of: Australian National Maritime Museum
This reminds me of a 13th century nautical Spanish piece. Its something that could be a centerpiece of an important Admirals desk or a reference pointer on an old map. The crown between the lion and unicorn definitely represents royalty and or a family of a high order. The owner of this was not a peasant.
Martin Ron mural in Barracas, Buenos Aires (2012), MARTIN RON, From the collection of: Buenos Aires Graffiti
Sea Turtles are by far my favorite animal. This piece of art just exemplifies the presence of this amazing prehistoric gentle giant. It looks like this turtle is swimming right towards you. This turtle presents almost every natural and warm colors you cold think of. This piece of art would make an excellent billboard on Sea Turtle awareness, since they are an endangered species. If I were sitting under this painting, the detail is so amazing I would feel like I'm swimming right along with it.
Untitled, Andreas Feininger, 1940/1970, From the collection of: Berkshire Museum
This art piece looks like two different things at once. At first glance they look like Christmas trees and at a secondary look, the true shell like form is obvious. The black and white setting makes it both an old timey and current setting. The eloquent simplicity of this portrait combines simplicity with the exquisite.
This box instantly gives me the impression of an Asian tropical type of jewelry box that dates back a few hundred years. It's simple beauty speaks volumes. I would change the yellow though to a more natural darker color and maybe add some bamboo like borders which would only add to it's awe.
White Heron, Sakakibara Shiho, 1926, From the collection of: Adachi Museum of Art
I'd say this is probably my favorite oceanic bird. The picture represents to me the freedom of flight in a hazy afternoon sun. This Heron looks as if its leaving the swampy marsh for the sea. Very warm colored and calming. This scene could take place in a fall afternoon or in a humid southern spring morning.
Soup tureen in the shape of a turtle, 1810 - 1820, From the collection of: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
I love everything and anything sea turtles. This piece looks fairly modern and would make an excellent coffee table center piece. Looks more like a QVC catalog picture more than anything else. Not sure a kitchen untensil "soup tureen" is proper especially dealing with such a beautiful endangered animal. I love all the detail and texture that is shown in this piece, to me it helps show the beauty of the turtle.
Fish and Oysters, Vokos Nikolaos, From the collection of: The National Gallery - Alexandros Soutzos Museum
The setting of this picture reminds me of biblical times when being a fisherman was the primary means of feeding your family. I love oysters as well and can understand their significance. It also has the ambience of a healthy Mediterranean diet that is common through out southern Europe. To me this picture has the feel of sitting down to a delicious but yet healthy meal.
Autumn Leaves, Yokoyama Taikan, 1931, From the collection of: Adachi Museum of Art
This is my families favorite time of the year. The colors if this fall painting is nothing short of outstanding. The broad landscape gives it a over the cliff setting which is the best of both worlds, in which woods and the sea meet. It also announces the beginning birth pains of fall with an amazing clear sky in the backdrop, which only further adds to its grandeur.
The Crucified Christ (Corpus), Gian Lorenzo Bernini, c. 1650, From the collection of: Art Gallery of Ontario
The first thing that comes to mind is the more historically accurate cross. It has more of a "T" shape vs the traditional crosses you see today. This brings me both joy and sorrow as it reminds me of the beauty of sacrifice and the promise to us all. The most amazing thing is the cross is the easiest recognizable figure in the history of mankind. Jesus is almost the most famous figure in history as well.
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