Street Life

Ryan Danforth 1531038

untitled, Phlegm, 2014, From the collection of: Street Art 13
The themes I will be focusing on in my gallery are texture and history. I chose street art because I feel like it all has real personal value instilled in the pieces. I like the home-eness of this painting.
C215, C215, From the collection of: Street Art London
I really appreciate the aspect that the tecture of the wood brings to the painting. Im unsure as to what the canvas but I really like the contrast to the tables in the back of the picture. The painting really pops on the red wood.
C215, C215, From the collection of: Street Art London
The movement of color throughout this painting is really interesting. I like the shading and coloring used to create the face. I also like the blend of scratch painting over the piece to blend it into the true street vibe.
Altruism,, 2013, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
I believe this is somebodies house. The theme I was trying to capture with this gallery was the street texture and the connection between the art and the history. This beautiful piece really captures the idea of home.
Anxiety & Pain Relief, Bastardilla, 2012, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
I like the way the vines and moss grow on the wood. Its almost like the painting changes little by little every day. You can feel the artist connection with pain represented through the bandages.
Mountain of Calm, Alaniz, 2012, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
I dont see much emotional connection in this painting, but I really appreciated the color scheme and detail in this painting. I think the outline makes the rocks look very crisp and sharp.
Detail from Herakut's "The World Made Me Do It", From the collection of: Pera Museum
You can really see the emotion portrayed through this little boys face. I really like the detail put into the face especially.
Claudio Ethos_Mural_ Winston & Main Street, Claudio Ethos, Do Art Foundation, LA Art Machine, 2012, From the collection of: Do Art Foundation
The size of this painting really emphasizes the skill and passion put into a painting like this. I wouldve enjoyed seeing the painting without the painters still in it but none the less I think they help attribute to the aspect of proportion.
This City is Dope...Live Weird, the artist known as ER, From the collection of: South Austin Popular Culture Center
Im unsure who the biker is depicted but I really like the saying in it. If this was in my city I would love having such a treasure to remind me of my home. This city is dope. What a piece.
I saved the best for last. This painting enormous and seems to fade and blend in with its city so nicely. The painting almost looks smokey. I get the idea of a human feeling like garbage just drifting life waiting for inspiration.
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