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By Sculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe

Wanderers Conventus (2014) by Brad JacksonSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Brad Jackson, WA

Brad Jackson is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily with metals. He emerged into the art world as an artist blacksmith. Having intensively trained at the exclusive blacksmithing workshops at the National Trust listed railway workshops at Eveleigh, Sydney, he executes his trade at a high international standard, and has studied various complimentary skills that support his practice. Jackson has worked on projects throughout Australia and studied internationally. He has been involved in large installations in Port Hedland, was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2011 to study internationally, featured in international Artist Blacksmith publications, has been sought after by national heritage bodies such as the National Trust and has sculptural artwork featured in a number of private residences around Australia. Jackson has been a featured artist in several sculpture festivals in Western Australia. Public art is the main focus of his career, with artworks being acquired by Gold Coast City Council, Dianella City Council, Fremantle Hospital, Maida Vale Primary School and Rio Tinto.

"The wanderers are a travelling family group of metal spheres. They pass by in silence. Their origin, destination and intentions remain unknown."

Corbu 3 (2014) by Paul SelwoodSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Paul Selwood, NSW

Paul Selwood began making sculpture in 1964 after he enrolled at East Sydney Technical College. He was Technical Assistant at the Royal College of Art, England from 1965 to 1968 and worked for Sir Anthony Caro. He was invited to teach sculpture at Bath Academy of Art from 1968 to 1970. Optical art, pop art, minimalism and abstraction were the aesthetic propositions at the time and Selwood met many of the leading British and American painters and sculptors in these formative years. Since returning to Australia in 1971, Selwood has had over 26 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions. He was lecturer in charge of sculpture at USQ 1977 to 1982 and lecturer in sculpture at Newcastle University from 1986 to 1996. His works can be seen in significant public collections such as the Art Gallery of NSW. He has exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea regularly since 1999. He was the recipient of the Balnaves Foundation Sculpture Prize Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2011.

Sisters (2014) by Russell SheridanSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Russell Sheridan, WA

Russell Sheridan was born in Beverley in 1956. He grew up in Bunbury and now lives near Dardanup on the site of on old farm house on Crooked Brook with his wife artist Linda Skrolys. He is a graduate of Claremont School of Art. A larger than life character himself, Sheridan mythologises the Australian larrikin. Using local anti-heroes like Moondyne Joe, John Boyle O’Reilly and Lasseter, he whimsically explores society’s outsiders and law breakers in mediums as varied as bronzes, chain-saw shaping, ceramics and mixed media. His work is innovative and provocative and warmed with humanity and humour. Sheridan has established himself as an icon in the Southwest during the 1990’s where his public art has shaped the culture and the visual character of Bunbury and the region. His work is in numerous prominent collections including the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Form of Scenery - Lat 35.06'23"N, Long. 135.55'30"E (1997) by Koichi IshinoSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Koichi Ishino, NSW

Koichi Ishino was born in Japan, immigrated to Australia in 2009 and now lives and works in New South Wales. Ishino graduated from Kyoto City University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1976 and has been a full time artist for over 25 years. He has participated in Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi and Cottesloe regularly since 2001. He was awarded the Waverley Council Mayor’s Prize at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi in 2009 and the Helen Lempriere Scholarship at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2014.

Ishino has gained an international reputation, having completed numerous significant public international commissions and being the recipient of such prizes as the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art Award, in 1997, and the Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art Award, in 1995.

Ishino’s work is characterized by smooth mirror surfaces of stainless steel paired with stone. Throughout his career, Ishino has developed original inlay techniques. In his work, materials of completely different qualities come together as one seamlessly fabricated form.

Dried Arrangement (2014) by Marcus TattonSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Marcus Tatton, TAS

Born in 1963 in New Zealand, Marcus Tatton is currently based in Tasmania. Tatton is a public space sculptor who views the wider world from the edge, where he lives amongst the wild landscapes of Tasmania. Through his work, Tatton explores the relationship between the natural and non-natural environments, how humans interact with nature and the effect they have on the landscape - "we are in an ever expanding universe," he writes.

Tatton has presented several solo and group exhibitions since 1993, both nationally and internationally. He has also been awarded numerous prizes, including the Montalto Sculpture Award in Victoria, the LANDCOM Sculpture Award at the University of Western Sydney and the Sydney Water Sculpture Prize for Environmental Sculpture. He has exhibited previously at Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe, Aarhus and Bondi. "Tasmania’s woodchip industry still exists as a subsidised government enterprise. This sculpture is made from the protected species, Kingbilly Pine. This was collateral damage to woodchip logging." (Marcus Tatton)

Plunge (2014) by Michael LeGrandSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Michael Le Grand, ACT

Michael Le Grand has been working in steel since graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts in 1974. Over his acclaimed career spanning nearly 40 years, Le Grand has been awarded many grants, fellowships and prizes. After further studies at St. Martin’s School of Art in London he was awarded an Australian National University Creative Arts Fellowship in 1978. He was a recipient of an Australia Council Travel Grant in 1975, the Capital Arts Patron’s Fellowship and the ACT ARTS Creative Arts Fellowships in 1997. He was the co-recipient of the Inaugural Sydney Water Sculpture Prize, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 1997 and awarded the inaugural University of Western Sydney Acquisitive Sculpture Prize 2004. In 2010 Le Grand was awarded a prestigious Helen Lempriere Scholarship.

In 2007 he retired as the Head of Sculpture at the Australian National University School of Art, where he is now an Emeritus Fellow. In 2011, Le Grand had a significant retrospective exhibition at the Canberra Museum and Gallery. In 2012 he was invited to participate in the McClelland Sculpture Survey.

Le Grand is a member of the Sculpture by the Sea Decade Club, having exhibited regularly in Sculpture by the Sea since 1997.

Monument for Migrants (2015) by Tom de Munk-KerkmeerSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Tom de Munk-Kerkmeer, WA

After having been born in Perth, Western Australia, in
1965, de Munk-Kerkmeer travelled to the Netherlands aged three to be
raised in an artistic village in a family of artists on the Dutch coast. In
1985, at the age of 20, he once again set off, traveling through and living in
many countries in Europe, the Caribbean and South America. De Munk-Kerkmeer started his creative work in 1985 and art
has been his loyal companion since, with a lingering emphasis on the ephemeral.
In 1996 he made his first trip back to Australia, travelling from east to west,
creating several works along the way. From 1997 to 2000 he lived and worked in
Antwerp, Belgium doing an apprenticeship in bronze casting and in 2000 he made
his second return to Australia, where he has remained since.

The artist writes that he strives to "close the gap between everyday
life and art, my art spilling over the boundaries of my studio into the public
realm, this in order to create spaces
that enable reconciliation, into the garden to investigate the possibilities
for sustainability and onto the push-bike as an ongoing performance about
alternative possibilities. Finding and recycling materials is important to
minimize energy loss and to reflect upon the nature of the contemporary society." 

"This multi coloured migrant super grass is constantly in motion, highly sensitive to the surroundings and eagerly stirring the Australian melting-pot."

Intuitive Sense of Connection (2005) by Andrea VinkovicSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Andrea Vinkovic, WA

Andrea Vinkovic, born 1965 in Zagreb, Croatia, is ceramic artist interested in exploring personal and archetypal symbolism of visual language. She is inspired by fragility, organic beauty and delicate balance of natural environment. Vinkovic has exhibited both nationally and internationally since 2001, with a highlight of her early career being an invited artist to exhibit and workshop in Gangjin, South Korea. She was a founding member of Clay Feet exhibiting group, whose philosophy was to take art into the public spaces, making it more accessible to the wider community. Vinkovic completed an Advanced Diploma of Art and Craft in ceramics at Central TAFE in 2002. She was ceramic technician and casual lecturer at Central Institute of Technology for over five years, and ceramic lecturer at Midland campus of Polytechnic West for two years. At the end of 2013, Vinkovic made a decision to reduce her teaching commitments and dedicate more time to her craft. She works from her home studio in the Perth hills.

Lucky Country (2014-2015) by Norton FlavelSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Norton Flavel, WA

Norton Flavel graduated from Edith Cowan University, School of Visual Art, in 2001. At his graduation exhibition he was awarded the John Birman Memorial Award for the best work in any media.

Since then Flavel has gone on to manage the Cannery Arts Centre, the regional gallery for South East Western Australia, and ECU’s Spectrum Project Space in Northbridge.

Flavel has his own business which uses explosive forming techniques to produce complex metal forms. Flavel also works at ECU in the Glass, Sculpture and 3D Design studios where he assists staff and students achieve their visions.

Exhibiting work both in Australia and overseas, Flavel has also worked on numerous public art projects and consulted for many well-known WA artists, particularly in technical areas such as moulding, casting, fabrication and installation. He describes his work Lucky Country as "a visual representation of the conflicting nature of being Australian: the positive is represented by the floating shining ball; the shackle and chain represents the negative."

12 Knots (2014) by Tony JonesSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Tony Jones OAM, WA

Tony Jones
is a Western Australian artist and art teacher with career spanning some 50
years. He has influenced a generation of artists both as a lecturer and an
active practitioner. His public art installations have had a major impact on the
urban landscape, with numerous works of public art throughout the state of WA,
depicting the West Australian story with eloquence and elegance. His
works often reflect a life lived in close proximity to both the Indian Ocean
and the Swan River. Jones has contributed to
the local art community through endless involvement on arts committees, boards
and funding panels, extending into arts policy development and initiatives. He
has been a board member for the Art Gallery of WA, PICA, Praxis, Artsource,
Department for Culture and the Arts WA, and the Australia Council. Jones is
represented in WA by Gunyulgup Gallery and Gallows Gallery.

"The work continues a preoccupation with marine hardware and navigational markers."

Event Horizon (2011-2015) by Ben JuniperSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Ben Juniper, WA

Ben Juniper was born in 1961 in Perth, Western Australia. Juniper originally trained as a jeweller with the late Geoffrey Allen, and self-educated as a blacksmith. Juniper’s works are an amalgamation of these two art forms, as well as skills picked up variously as a set designer, painter and pattern maker. His work has been described as jewellery for buildings. Juniper cites works by John Olsen, Brett Whiteley, Charles Blackman and Albert Paley – amongst many inspirations – as being highly influential on his practice. With these influences, over the course of his career Juniper has developed a broad range of skills and tastes that enrich his work. Having worked as a commission based artist for many years, 2006 saw the first of his annual solo shows.

In his recent works Juniper incorporates new media, including colourful hand blown and slumped glass, stainless steel and even noble metals. This is perhaps a nod to his formative years as a jeweller.

Boulders (2014) by Sally StonemanSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Sally Stoneman, WA

Sally Stoneman originally studied Art Education at Western Australian Institute of Technology and then at Mount Lawley College of Advanced Education before teaching in regional and metropolitan WA. When living in Sydney she studied painting and printmaking at East Sydney Tech, now the National Art School.


Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Stoneman travelled throughout India, Indonesia, Europe and New Zealand to pursue her interest in the culture and the arts unique to each region. Recently she has studied units at Perth Central Institute of Technology in the Advanced Diploma of Sculpture. Stoneman’s sculptural works draw inspiration from the diverse natural environment of WA. She has worked and travelled throughout the state documenting the landscape in painting over many years, and recently exploring sculptural forms.

One Door Opens (2014) by Tim Macfarlane ReidSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Tim Macfarlane Reid, WA

Tim Macfarlane Reid lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. Macfarlane Reid came to sculpture after a successful career as a chef at Tetsuya’s, and is now a committed professional artist whose works are highly collectable. He is a graduate of the National Art School in Sydney, and has been a full time sculptor for over 20 years, with numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Macfarlane Reid predominantly works in corten steel, which allows his works to develop deep, rich colour over time. Inspired by the words of Jean Arp: "Art should lose itself in nature, should even be mistaken for nature", Macfarlane Reid’s sculptures are evocative of natural forms found in the landscape. These works emulate, reflect and mirror the beauty of the world around us.

Macfarlane Reid has won a number of awards, including two awards for works exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea. His work is found in both private and public collections, including the Town of Cottesloe Public Sculpture Collection, and the State Theatre of Western Australia.

The artist is represented in WA by Gallows Gallery and Gunyulgup Gallery.

Cube Melt - Transition (2014) by Hugh McLachlanSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Hugh McLachlan, TAS

Hugh McLachlan trained as a Gold and Silversmith at RMIT in Melbourne in the mid-1970s. In 1980, he established McLachlan Studio with his wife, Mary, in rural Tasmania. McLachlan considers the art of making jewellery as a way of creating sculpture in miniature. He finds that both his physical environment and his history of transforming complex three dimensional forms into wearable artworks have had an impact on his approach to sculpture. The polished surface has become an important element in McLachlan’s work, which features marine grade stainless steel highly polished to a mirror finish. His work has the ability to simultaneously contain form and create space, through the illusion of the reflected surface. It explores how light plays with our perception of the world through reflection, distortion and the way we see ourselves. In 2011 McLachlan received the inaugural Dick Bett Memorial Invitation Subsidy for a Tasmanian artist to exhibit at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi. He is represented in numerous collections including the National Gallery of Australia and has participated in exhibitions both in Australia and overseas.

Cultural Complexities of a Wandering Spirit (2014-2015) by Addam EidSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Marwah (Addam) Eid, WA

Marwah (Addam) Eid’s art inhabits the boundaries between jewellery, sculpture, and architecture. Working predominantly in metal, the artists creates sculptural pieces that fuse previous architecture and jewellery design and construction studies, to produce artworks ranging in scale from the wearable to large wall-mounted and freestanding pieces. Eid is a sculptural artist whose work has been exhibited and published internationally. Her current work is an exploration of her sense of place, with reference to the cultural overlap between Egypt and Australia. Of her work Urban Cultural Spinifex – Connected, Eid reflects:

"In discovering my sense of place, the spinifex was central to my memories; this work uses interlocked elements to create a complex repertoire of abstract form of random yet deliberate linearity’s."  

Water Dreaming (2015) by Warlukurlangu CollaborationSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Warlukurlangu Collaboration, WA

Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal
Corporation is one of the longest running and most successful Aboriginal-owned
art centres in Central Australia. Established in 1985,
Warlukurlangu Artists is a not-for-profit organisation that is owned and run by
Aboriginal Warlpiri artists from the remote communities of Yuendumu and
Nyirripi in the Tanami Desert. Warlukurlangu Artists is famous for
its gloriously colourful acrylic paintings and limited edition prints. The art
centre has an international profile, its art having been featured in hundreds
of exhibitions and publications in Australia and around the world. Warlukurlangu means ‘belonging to
fire’ in the local language, Warlpiri, and is named for a fire dreaming site
west of Yuendumu. It is a fundamental aim of
Warlukurlangu Artists to share culture, to increase awareness of Aboriginal culture
generally, and to broadly support Indigenous causes.

"From overhead the viewer sees a Dreamtime dot painting. Up close it's an interactive play space where art and fun merge together."

Tony's Tower II (2014) by Ron Robertson-SwannSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Ron Robertson-Swann OAM, NSW

Ron Robertson-Swann is actively involved in the arts in Australia as a sculptor, teacher and advocate. He studied sculpture with Lyndon Dadswell at the National Art School in Sydney and with Sir Anthony Caro OM and Phillip King CBE at the St Martin’s School of Art in London. After completing his studies in the UK, he was an assistant to Henry Moore for several years. Robertson-Swann has had a long career as a teacher of sculpture, including Head of the Sculpture Workshop at the Canberra School of Art, and the National Art School in Sydney where he is currently Head of Sculpture. He was a member of the Ministerial Task Force to establish the new National Art School and is a founding member of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council.

Robertson-Swann has exhibited extensively in both Australia and overseas, and his works are included in all major public Australian collections. In 2002 Robertson-Swann was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for service to the Arts in Australia. Graeme Sturgeon, an eminent Australian sculpture historian and critic, described Robertson-Swann in 1980 as the most consistent of the Classic Formalist, that is, the one most concerned to produce a sculpture which, while obviously of its era, transcends considerations of style in search of a timeless sense of rightness.

Mr Melancholy (2015) by Paul Stanwick-WrightSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Paul Stanwick-Wright, WA

Paul Stanwick-Wright is a steel fabricator by trade. While he has always enjoyed making things and being creative, he came to art quite late in life, with Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2015 being his second group exhibition since moving to Australia in 2006.

Stanwick-Wright successfully achieved a BA Honours in furniture design back in the UK at Wolverhampton University some 15 years ago. His current practice focuses on his passion for recycling and upcycling and various objects. Stanwick-Wright is continuously looking to undertake new projects involving the 'reuse' of things, while allowing the form of the object to remain true to the original, preferring to leave artworks unpainted and rusty in their natural state. His work Mr Melancholy transforms and brings about a renewed sense of life in an everyday object.

Atom (2014) by Jina LeeSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Jina Lee, WA

Jina Lee is a South Korean artist now residing permanently in Perth, Western Australia. She specializes in stone sculptural artworks, primarily in large scale stone sculptures made from marble.

She completed a bachelor’s degree in Traditional Korean Sculpture at the Korean National University of Cultural Heritage and finished her Master of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture at Kookmin University in South Korea in 2009.

She has presented her sculptures at solo and group exhibitions and international art fairs in South Korea and Australia. Two of her sculptures have been produced for commission and placed in public spaces in South Korea.

After relocating to Perth in 2013, she has been involved in a variety of exhibitions, including City of Melville Sculpture Walk 2014 and Swell Sculpture Festival 2014. Lee is currently an Artist in Residence at the Greg James Sculpture Gallery in Fremantle, WA.

Her works aim to maintain an organic form and natural balance while covering a wide range of concepts.

#thestormiemillsproject (2013) by Stormie MillsSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Stormie Mills, WA

Stormie Mills first gave voice to the lost souls of the cityscape back in 1984.

In the three decades since, he has created an evocative collection of characters inspired by and deeply connected to the street.

His creative journey began in the forgotten corners of our cities, the abandoned buildings and broken back lanes provided a canvas.

As his practice developed, Stormie’s iconic characters found their way into the galleries and homes of collectors around Australia and the world.

Stormie’s palette is sharply monochromatic.

Black represents dirt, white speaks of erasure, grey is drawn from the cityscape and silver the language of dreams.

The works draw on a deep sense of isolation and yet each character seems to carry a message of hope.

These opposing elements in Stormie’s practice imbue his characters with a palpable presence and humanity.

And when art captures the tenderness of the human condition people connect with it.

Testament to this is the significant expansion of Stormie’s collector base in Australia in the past five years and his sold out shows in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

His whimsical works are represented in galleries around Australia and Stormie’s private and public commissions light up streetscapes from Perth to Scotland to downtown Richmond USA.

In 2013 Stormie ventured into the world of three dimensions, transforming his iconic Bunnyman character into a series of four-metre high pop figurines that populated the streets of Brisbane for the city’s annual festival.

Visitors to Melbourne can immerse themselves in Stormie’s creative energy when they stay at The Cullen in Prahran.

The Street Art Suite was a groundbreaking commission for Stormie as it was the first time the Art Series Hotel Group had worked with an Australian street artist.

It put Stormie among a select group of international practitioners, who have a suite to their name, including D*FACE, Swoon and Blek le Rat. It’s not just Stormie’s art that has fostered a strong following, his compelling personal story and with his passion for his practice has made him a sought after speaker.

He took centre stage at FORM Gallery’s inaugural #PUBLICPerth street art festival in 2014 and he spoke at the world’s most respected design festival, the AG Ideas conference in 2012.

Stormie’s extensive portfolio has been captured in two beautiful volumes, Proximamente from 2007 and Dwi Yma, which was published in 2013.



Sanctuary (2014) by Olivia Samec and James MoeSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Olivia Samec and James Moe, WA

person team Olivia Samec and James Moe are based in Fremantle Western

by the beach and constant travel to spectacular Western Australian beaches
inspire nature based themes in their work. Samec and Moe have spent seven years
living in remote Aboriginal Communities in WA‘s Western Desert and NT’s Arnhem
Land, where they were able to sit with senior East Arnhem artists for long
periods of time which has added another dimension of understanding of where and
how they live. Works have been have been selected  to exhibit consistently for the last few
years in Sculptures by the Sea Cottesloe 2014, 2011, 2010  as well as Castaways Sculpture Awards, and the
inaugural Sculpture at Bathers Exhibition. Both have a deep respect for the marine

"Be enticed. Look beneath the surface. Discover, right here, explore and protect."

Victory or Revenge (2015) by Tim BurnsSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Tim Burns, WA

Tim Burns has been described as a legendary figure in the history of Australian underground art. His practice crosses several mediums including painting, sculpture, installation, film-making, directing and performance. He spent the 1970s – 90s living between Australia and New York, where he rose to notoriety with a series of “literally explosive" art actions. He now lives in York, WA. Burns has taught film, art and interactive broadcast television at Edith Cowan University and Curtin University, WA. He has an MFA from the University of Western Australia on determinism in the Pintubi community in the Western Desert on which he wrote a feature film script ‘The Stolen Film’ with support from Screenwest, the WA state film commission. Burns was awarded an ArtsWA Fellowship in 1999 and an Australia Council Artists Fellowship in 1996. He has also been awarded the American Institute of Graphic Arts Book Award, 1977, the New York State Creative Arts Award 1978 and the National Endowment for the Arts (US) for performance in 1984. Burns work has been exhibited in numerous major shows and art institutions worldwide, including the Beaubourg Paris, ICA London, ICA Boston, MOMA New York, the Hirschorn Museum Washington, the National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of NSW, and Art Gallery of South Australia, the National Gallery of Australia and the Biennale of Sydney. He is represented in public and private collections internationally.

Spline (2014) by Mark Grey-SmithSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Mark Grey-Smith, WA

After studying at Chelsea School of Art in the late 1960’s Mark has maintained an innovative, exploratory and high standard of art practice for over 40 years. He has developed a considerable and wide ranging use of materials and techniques in his sculpture practice.

An example of his work that has received consistent and overwhelming appreciation is Centerfold, located at North Cottesloe overlooking the ocean. This work displays his ability to create a sculpture that explores fundamental form and structure in an original way and connects emotionally and intellectually with the viewer. 

For the Love of Sculpture (2014) by Claire DavenhallSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Claire Davenhall, WA

Claire Davenhall graduated from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen with an Honours Degree of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture, in 2000. In 2004, she qualified as a Specialist College Lecturer in fine art sculpture, ceramics, photography, and life drawing, and in 2006/2007 was awarded winner of the Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Community Public Art Projects, and has been nominated for the Protocol National Beacon Award in Art and Design for two years running. In 2007 Davenhall emigrated to Western Australia and began exhibiting new works in several group exhibitions including Castaways Sculpture Awards, York Photographic Awards, Minnawarra Art Awards, Mandjar Art Awards, and Belmont Art and Photography Awards, and undertook a 30 x 30 x 30 Art Challenge. Recently she has been working as a ceramic artist with the City of Joondalup and has undertaken a residency with the City of Rockingham. Davenhall works across a range of mediums. She is guided by her ideas and concepts, often leading to her discovery of new and exciting materials, techniques and processes. Taking inspiration from poems, quotes and found objects, she likes to discover delicate, intricate and unique objects. She continues to work in both art and education as facilitator, lecturer and practitioner.

Roo Shooter (2015) by Jimmy RixSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Jimmy Rix, NSW

Jimmy Rix was born in 1971 and grew up on his family’s crop and cattle farm near Allora on Queensland's fertile Darling Downs. He learnt to weld at an early age and at school he studied manual arts and woodwork. At age 16 he moved to Brisbane to train as a chef and study art. He was taught drawing and painting at Metro Arts in Brisbane and was a private pupil to ceramic sculptor Phillip Gordon and bronze sculptor and author John Worth.

Rix held his first exhibitions in Dublin, Ireland in 1996. He has held numerous solo exhibitions at Brenda May Gallery, Depot Gallery and BBA Gallery in Sydney and Noosa Regional Gallery in Queensland. He has been included in numerous group exhibitions including the Shoalhaven Regional Gallery, Orange Regional Gallery and Gomboc Gallery.

In 2014 Rix was awarded the Lake Lights Sculpture Prize at Jindabyne and previously the Delta Sculpture Prize at Sculpture on the Greens in Wyong, NSW in 2012. He was awarded the Clitheroe Foundation and Sculpture by the Sea Mentorship in 2009. Rix has three large scale public commissioned works in Sydney, commissioned by Landcom and NSW Transport.

Rix lives and works in Sweetmans Creek in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

Arion Vulgaris (2013) by Angus AdameitisSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Angus Adameitis, NSW

Angus Adameitis graduated from National Art School in 1999 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture.

Since graduating, Adameitis has regularly shown his work in solo and group shows, as well as many outdoor sculpture exhibitions nationally and internationally. Adameitis' work has been awarded various awards and prizes, including the Transfield Prize for Sculpture in 1999, the Sculpture by the Sea Directors Prize 2000, Sculpture by the Sea Damon Courtney Young Sculptors Award 2001, Sell and Parker Material Sponsorship at Sculpture by the Sea 2006 and The Lady Ethel Nock Six Inch Sculpture Award, Defiance Gallery, 2007. Adameitis has also exhibited regularly in various regional galleries and outdoor exhibitions, including numerous Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions throughout Australia and also in Denmark.

In 2000, he was awarded an artist residency at Academia Di Bella Arti Di Brera, Milan and in 2002 he was selected as the Australian sculptor to partake in the Art Omi International Residency, New York. Adameitis lives and works in Sydney’s Inner West and continues to push the boundries of abstract sculpture. 

The Kiss (Pair) (2014) by Graham HaySculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Graham Hay, WA

Graham Hay is a graduate of the University
of Western Australia, ECU Bachelor of Visual Arts, and CUT Bachelor of Arts (honours).
His works have been showed in over 120 exhibitions, in addition to International
paper and ceramic sculpture surveys in the UK, Holland, Japan, Scotland,
Hungary and the USA. He participated in the Florence Biennale in 2013
and the Dublin Biennial in 2014. Hay has given over 200 demonstrations
and talks on his art in a dozen counties, and his works are included in
collections such as those belonging to the Cities of Vincent and Mandurah,
Panvezys, Lithuania and Kecskemet, Hungary, MCG Collection in Minneapolis, USA,
the State Library of WA and the Art Gallery of WA. "I
have a long standing interest in how small, repetitive, often intimate actions
compound up into bigger things. Through these small actions we strengthen our
relationships and families, and ultimately build communities, which
morph into institutions, and ultimately, states. While
Thomas Hobbes (1651) and others theorised on how the ‘body’ of
our society is created by our collective actions, I look at the ‘head’, and the
compounding impact of everyday messaging, calls and the simple kiss."

(Graham Hay)

"Overloaded with information from new technologies, the artist considers our first "smart" devices 3,500 years ago. What were they made from, and used for?"

Hearts in Paradise (2015) by Ayad AlqaragholliSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Ayad Alqaragholli, WA

Ayad Alqaragholli was born and grew up in the region of Ur, Southern Iraq, and has been greatly influenced the Samarian culture and history of the region. A bronze artist and painter, his work is well known in the Middle East and Europe following numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Now living in Perth, Western Australia, Alqaragholli explores his interest in cultural identity, the history of Mesopotamia and the role of the human figure throughout history. He aims to connect the two cultures of Samaria and Australia in his artwork, and to reflect the old world and the new world. Alqaragholli works in bronze because of the long history of the medium, making it the most appropriate material for his notions of adaptation from the old to the new. Recurring motifs in his work include the human form, birds, wings, chairs and ladders. His ideas, however, are drawn from everyday life: forms, narratives and beauty. To him, the figure in artwork means love, land, peace, freedom and modern history.

Alqaragholli is represented in WA by Emerge Art Space.

Primordial (2014-2015) by Tony DavisSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Tony Davis, WA

Tony Davis was born in Wyalkatchem in 1948. While studying science at the University of Western Australia, Davis visited an exhibition Contemporary British Painting at the Art Gallery of WA, an event which led him to change his field of study. He then undertook of a major in painting at the WA Institute of Technology.

Davis began teaching art and in 1973 held his first solo exhibition in West Perth which was quickly followed by a second, in 1974, and several thereafter. In 1985 the Davis family moved to a farm in a pristine valley near Waroona. Here, Davis’ art practice became an integral part of their new lifestyle his sculpture found a market in Pemberton Fine Wood Craft Gallery, as well as numerous private commissions. A solo show in Perth city in 2008 saw sculpture exhibited alongside paintings for the first time, with one being an extension of the other in an attempt to create new iconic imagery.

Davis has participated regularly in Sculpture by the Sea since 2010, and exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus in 2011. Davis comments that the sculptures are "redefining ancient landforms, a metamorphosis into a layered figuration reflecting a spiritual link to the earth through the language of wood." 

Cycle of Life - Living (2014) by Ron GombocSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

R.M. (Ron) Gomboc, WA

Ratimir Marijan (Ron) Gomboc was born in Slovenia in 1947 and attended school in Croatia before immigrating, at the age of 13, with his family to Western Australia. Gomboc went on to study sculpture and printmaking at the Perth Technical College, as well as painting and drawing at Midland Tech.

Gomboc's various awards include the Swan Citizen of the Year Award, 1991; the Western Australian Week Citizen of the Year Award for his contribution to arts and culture, 1993; and the Centenary Medal for outstanding commitment to the community in raising the awareness of art.

In 2010 Gomboc became a member of the Sculpture by the Sea Decade Club for exhibiting 10 times in Bondi, and last year he became a member of the Sculpture by the Sea Decade Club in Perth for exhibiting 10 times in Cottesloe. He has had numerous exhibitions overseas and represented Australia by invitation at the 2010 Melanesian Art Festival, New Caledonia, as Artist in Residence. In 2011 Gomboc was selected to represent Australia at the 10th anniversary of the Goyang Sculpture Symposium in South Korea. In 2012, he was selected to represent Australia at the Qingdao-Seoul Stone Sculpture Symposium in Qingdao China.

The artist is represented in WA by Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park.

Constellation (2015) by Benjamin StorchSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Benjamin Storch, VIC

Originally from Germany, Benjamin Storch had been working with metal and sculpture in the UK for 15 years prior to relocating to Melbourne in 2011 with his Australian wife.

Through a PhD research project he undertook in the UK, Storch pursued an interest in how to manipulate sheet metal to materialise concepts of minimal and 'fluid' surfaces. This was coupled with an exploration of related mathematical principles to visualise complex forms via computational plotting.

Aided by an Arts Council of Wales grant in 2006 Storch further developed the forming processes to create works suitable for public spaces. Since then he has worked on a broad range of private, public and corporate commissions in the UK, Australia, Asia and Europe, most notably for the Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard London as well as the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong.

Since his arrival in Australia his work has been exhibited at Sculpture
by the Sea and the McClelland Sculpture Survey.

Food for Thought (2014) by Ray SurmanSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Ray Surman, WA

Ray Surman graduated from Graylands Teachers College in the 1960’s where his mentors were Bryant McDiven and John Fawcett. He continued his art studies at the Old Perth Technical College where his later works were influenced by David Walker and George Haynes. Surman taught art at Geraldton Secondary College from 1971 to 1997. During this period, he was involved with various art groups including the Art and Craft Development Council and the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Geraldton. Surman is a multi-media artist who has divided his time between painting, drawing, print making, jewellery design and sculpture. Since moving to Fremantle in 2007, his sculpture practice has developed, particularly through his involvement in the Castaways Sculpture Awards, working mainly with recycled materials. Much of Surman’s work has a marine theme resulting from his many sailing expeditions to the Abrolhos Islands where he mapped the seascapes and man’s intervention in that pristine environment. His work can be found in AGWA in Geraldton, both the Geraldton Regional Hospital and St. John of God Hospital, as well as in private collections in Australia and overseas.

Penelope's Web (2014) by Kevin DraperSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Kevin Draper, WA

Kevin Draper's
formative years, spent in rural Western Australia, were a major influence to
his art practice and Draper continues to use the southern region as an
important part of his artistic research. Of particular interest to the artist
is the bio-diversity of the southern coastal hinterland, with a recurring theme
being the dual nature of the ocean as both a pathway and a barrier.

Draper works
primarily with forged steel using similar processes to that of a blacksmith,
extending the medium to create forms that use a minimum of material to create a
sense of volume and space. His sculptural processes use the organic surface of
worked metal to create forms that have a quality of lightness and permeability.
In a number of projects, he has also used light and sound as integral elements
of the finished sculpture.

Draper spent 1992 in
Basel, Switzerland, on an artist exchange project supported by the WA
Department for the Arts. He has exhibited in Australia and internationally,
including at Sculpture by the Sea
Bondi, Cottesloe and Aarhus.

"Based on an ancient symbol that relates to the mythological figure of Penelope, who wove the thread of destiny in the old world."

Tidal Pools #2 (2015) by Elaine MilesSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Elaine Miles, VIC

Elaine Miles is a Melbourne based artist working in installation, sculpture and performance. She has taken part in over 85 exhibitions at artist run spaces and in venues such as the Sydney Arts Festival, the National Museum of Singapore, Roulette Experimental Sound Space, New York, Melbourne Recital Centre, Federation Square, Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery, the National Glass Centre and various state run Craft Councils. Miles’ sculptural installations have been included in several National Sculpture Competitions, and in 2012 Miles completed her first major permanent outdoor art commission within the City of Wyndham. She was the winner of the 2008 Civic Choice Award in the prestigious Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture Award and was also the feature of an ABC documentary, Artists at Work. Miles has taken up sculpture and glass working residencies in Germany and the USA, and has obtained degrees in Ceramic Design, Applied Arts (honours), Fine Arts (masters) and PhD in Fine Arts. She is currently an Associate Lecturer in Fine Arts at Monash University.

Steel Stack Monument (2014) by Jennifer CochraneSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Jennifer Cochrane, WA

Since graduating from Curtin University of Technology in 1988 with a degree in Fine Arts, Jennifer Cochrane has participated in numerous exhibitions and has been involved in the establishment and operation of artist-run galleries and studios. From 2002 she has focused on her sculptural works full time for exhibitions as well as public and private commissions. Cochrane has exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi and Cottesloe regularly since 2005 and in 2013 participated in Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus in Denmark. In 2008 she was a guest speaker at the Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe conference in Perth. Cochrane’s works are represented in various public and private collections. Her public commissions are numerous and include sculptural works for Harvest Lakes Estate Perth, the City of Mandurah Council Chambers, Parliament House Western Australia, Anzac Park, Mount Hawthorn and the Pilbara Police and Community Justice Services Complex, Karratha.

The Tempest (2015) by Elyssa Sykes SmithSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Elyssa Sykes-Smith, NSW

Elyssa Sykes-Smith is a Sydney based artist currently exploring the figure through sculpture, in site-specific and installation works. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours in sculpture at the National Art School in 2013. Sykes-Smith has exhibited with Sculpture by the Sea since 2012, and received the Clitheroe Foundation Mentorship in 2012 and the Staff Choice Award in 2013. She was awarded the People’s Choice Prize in the Sculpture at Sawmillers in 2014; the Julian Beaumont Sculpture Prize in 2012; and the Sculpture in the Valley People’s Choice Award, Kangaroo Valley in 2011. She has taken part in the Heath Ledger Young Artists Oral History Project – a series of interviews to record artistic progress over the span of 20 years – run by the National Film and Sound Archives, and has recently completed a commission for Saatchi & Saatchi Australia. Through sculpture Sykes-Smith seeks to translate and evoke the expressive qualities of the figure, exploring form, space and movement, drawing from life studies and Cubists aesthetics to push the figure towards abstraction. Through site-specific sculpture, works not only respond to but also bring the site alive, creating a dynamic relationship between audience, artwork and environment.

Currawong (2014) by Lou LambertSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Lou Lambert, WA

Lou Lambert was born in Subiaco, Western Australia. During the early 1970s, he studied sculpture at Perth Technical College and Curtin University and then worked as assistant to British Sculptor Phillip King, London, UK. On return to Australia, he lectured in drawing and sculpture in the School of Fine Art, Curtin University. Since the early 1980's Lambert has made repeated journeys into the Australian landscape, visiting the Pilbara, Kimberley and Central Australia. A fellowship awarded by the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council in 1990 enabled further development and opportunity for interstate exhibitions. Lambert is represented in major Australian public collections. He has also been represented in Australian contemporary sculpture abroad, significantly in Japan, including Painters and Sculptures - Diversity in Contemporary Australian Art, Saitama, Japan 1987. This opportunity culminated in 1992 with a commission for Adachi City, Tokyo, Japan. Lambert first exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi and Cottesloe in 2005, and has exhibited regularly since.

Over, Under, Through, Around (2014) by Peter ZappaSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Peter Zappa, WA

Peter Zappa was received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art at Curtin University in 2005 after studying part time for six years and working as a self-employed plumber. After graduating, Zappa pursued his ambition to be a professional artist. Since that time, Zappa’s art practice has continued to grow. He exhibits his work in both solo and group exhibitions and has commissioned works for government, corporate and private clients. Zappa is becoming known for his work with landscape designers and his unique linear sculptures that visually blend with their surroundings. Zappa’s sculptures are the product of his interest in perception; namely: how we perceive the relationship between objects and space, particularly when we are located within the space. Zappa’s aesthetic borrows heavily from drawing, an activity that he describes as a direct translation of perception rendered physically in two dimensions. He then creates three dimensional renderings of these perceptions, which are sculpture. Zappa works primarily in steel, as it is a material that embodies the visceral craft of forging, the character of drawing and the tangibility of three dimensional forms.

House of Mirrors (2014) by NEONSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe


Founded in 2012 by Mark Nixon and George King, NEON is an award winning design practice that seeks to explore new territories between architecture, design and art. They work without preconceptions to analyse each project independently in order to ascertain its unique opportunities and challenges and create a design that is often surprising, but always relevant. George King is a chartered architect who has worked extensively in the UK and internationally. He is experienced in designing projects in a wide range of type, size and scale and was part of the design team responsible for the London 2012 Olympic Aquatic Centre. He received his bachelor degree from the University of Liverpool and his Masters from UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture. Mark Nixon is a chartered architect who studied for his bachelor degree at the University of Bath and the TUM in Munich and his Masters at UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture in London. Nixon’s wide-ranging professional experience includes working for various design focussed practices in London and Italy on projects at all stages, from concept through to completion. He is interested in a multidisciplinary approach to architecture.

"The work re-defines the architecture of the common beach hut. It is camouflaged into its surroundings with an interior that accentuates key views of the outside world."

Large Emblem (2014) by Jock ClutterbuckSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Jock Clutterbuck, VIC

Jock Clutterbuck was born 1945 in Edenhope, Victoria. He is a sculptor and printmaker of national significance, known for his sophisticated abstract forms executed with precision and detail, while maintaining an impression of underlining esoteric mysticism. From the abstract movement in his finely patinated bronze sculpture to the precise script-like details in his limited edition prints, Clutterbuck masters his material. Clutterbuck studied sculpture and drawing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology from 1965 to 1966, where he subsequently taught before taking up a role as the lecturer in sculpture at the Victorian College of the Arts from 1974 to 2000. He is represented in many national and international public art collections including the Museum of Modern Art New York, the Nation Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of NSW, the National Gallery of Victoria,

and the Queensland Art Gallery.

Clutterbuck has held around 40 solo exhibitions of sculpture and printmaking over a 48 year career. He has represented Australia in 14 international print biennales as well as numerous group shows around the world.

#selfiesculpture (2014) by Lucy BarkerSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Lucy Barker, NSW

Lucy Barker has exhibited with Sculpture by the Sea regularly since 2009. She has a varied creative background, having studied traditional oil painting in Italy, completed a Bachelors of Visual Communications at UTS, and worked both as an Art Director and a Copywriter. Barker returned to her artistic practice after the birth of her first child in 2005. She has since been represented at Sherman Art Galleries, Woollahra, and in 2003 won the Small Sculpture Prize and Willoughby Art Prize, amongst others accolades. Barker’s work is characterised by its accessibility and a quirky vernacular that expresses the ironies of life.  

Way of the Wind (2015) by Yuko TakahashiSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Yuko Takahashi, WA

Yuko Takahashi was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan. She graduated from university with a law degree. After moving to Perth, Western Australia, in 2005, Takahashi studied graphic design at Central TAFE and worked as a graphic designer, while self-educating as a sculptor. Now, with sculpture taking precedence in her career, Takahashi’s artwork draws inspiration from the beauty of Japan, her childhood memories and the unique nature of Australia. Takahashi’s usual approach has been to create relatively small bronze sculptures, paying attention to detail. She is very committed to furthering her development and recently has created more abstract works, as well as venturing into the use of recycled materials. Takahashi’s sculptures have been displayed in a range of exhibitions, and are held in both public and private collections, including that of the City of Melville in WA. She won Second Prize in the 2014 Castaways Alcoa Sculpture Award.

Ashes to Ashes (2014) by Kim PerrierSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Kim Perrier, WA

Having worked full time as a designer and sculptor in Bridgetown, Western Australia, since 1978, Kim Perrier believes that isolation has driven his resourcefulness and inventiveness. His development of new skills and working methods has been drawn from a diversity of material knowledge, craftsmanship, and technology. Of his practice, Perrier reflects: "I have never been one that needs to know the final outcome of any work before its finished. I allow the work to lead me to its final destination." Perrier’s current work reflects a consistency with his past emphasis on realism alongside the development of a more spiritual process of creation. The artist refers to this spirituality as the Nature Spirit, which has been a catalyst to understand the greater forces at work in our wondrous world. "We have lost this profound awareness of the Nature Spirit and our ability to communicate with it. I hope my work reflects the power of the Nature Spirit, and invokes its own mysticism and magic." (Kim Perrier)

Dame Cockatoo and Entourage (2015) by Annette ThasSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Annette Thas, WA

Annette Thas, photographer, filmmaker, mixed media and sculpture and installation artist, was born in 1961 in Ghent, Belgium. At 19, Thas left Belgium to study sculpture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Lyon, France. She returned to Ghent to study drawing at the Sint-Lucas School of Arts, then travelled and worked throughout Europe before settling in Perth in 1987, where she studied Fine Arts at the University of Western Australia.

After a decade in Australia, Thas returned to live in France where she exhibited in many exhibitions throughout Europe. After several years she returned to Perth, and has since completed numerous private commissions.

She has also undertaken two lengthy study tours of Europe exploring questions of Origins and Family, War, Language and Landscape, Madness and Art. Her current sculptural works are the first series in her Origins, Family and Shared History collection.

Ocean Lace (2015) by Britt MikkelsenSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Britt Mikkelsen, WA

Mikkelsen graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in
1993, majoring in sculpture. As well as sculpture, her practice explores
lighting and homewares design, design for commercial interiors, and scenic
art. Mikkelsen finds inspiration in the minutiae of nature; the concealed beauty that goes
unnoticed in our everyday lives. Her subject matter is often supersized, compelling
the viewer to witness her interpretations at a human scale, while light is
often employed to create a sense of awe and wonder. Mikkelsen
works in resins, plastics, metal powders and oxides. She sculpts, pours and
casts artworks using these very man made materials to create very organic looking
sculptures that speak of texture and natural materials. By
accentuating the hidden beauty of natural elements, Mikkelsen asks us to take
the time to discover nature, and to question our role and the roles of all
creatures in our world.

"The artist recalls beachcombing at an age when the little things mattered. Likewise, this tiny fragment found at South Cottesloe has been enlarged 700 times, revealing its fragile beauty."

My Home is Your Home (2014-2015) by Ken UnsworthSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Ken Unsworth AM, NSW

Ken Unsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1931 and currently lives and works in Sydney. He attended school both in Melbourne and Sydney, studying at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Teacher’s College and the National Art School of Sydney. Unsworth has held several teaching positions including Lecturer in Art at Bathurst Teacher’s College; Lecturer and Head of Art Teacher Education at the Tasmanian School of Art; and Lecturer in Sculpture at Sydney College of Advanced Education. Unsworth has held numerous solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas, including a major survey exhibition at the Art Galley of New South Wales in 1998. He has participated in major international exhibitions including the Paris Biennale, 1985; Magiciens de la Terre, Paris, 1989; and the Biennale of Istanbul, Turkey, 1995. 

Descent into Alfresco (2014) by Peter PhillipsSculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe

Peter Phillips, WA

Peter Phillips has been contributing to art in Western Australia for over 20 years.

Phillips studied at the Victorian College of the Arts from 1973 - 1974, after obtaining a Diploma of Fine Arts from Claremont Technical College in 1972.

His work can be found in such collections as National Gallery of Canberra,

West Australian Institute of Technology, City of Bunbury, Holmes a Court collection, and private collections across Australia.

During his career Phillips has been awarded several grants, including the Australia Council Grant for a Special Project, the Australia Council Travel Grant, and a residence at Central TAFE in WA, Resident Artist in Cite des Artes, Paris, France and Sakura National Painting Prize.

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