Silver Treasures: Traditional Tools of a Silversmith

Journey through the lives of the silversmiths of Dubai, through a manifestation of their skills  and the tools that helped bring life to exquisite silver adornments; on display at the Traditional Jewellery House in Al Shindagha Museum.

Marami (Ring)Al Shindagha Museum

For centuries, Dubai was a busy port at the centre of global trade routes. Materials from all over the world were available to merchants, metalsmiths and jewellers. Silver was mined around the world and brought to Dubai, where it would be transformed into jewellery at the hands of skilled silversmiths.

Silversmithing ToolsAl Shindagha Museum

Silversmiths were key figures in Dubai, especially in the times when silver was more fashionable than gold. They traded in old silver from Oman and made it into new jewellery too.

Hollow Silver Bracelets Hollow Silver BraceletsAl Shindagha Museum

Silver is a precious metal that required a specific type of knowledge and set of skills to work into pieces of jewellery

Metal Inscription Block ToolAl Shindagha Museum

As Dubai’s economic prosperity grew, more jewellery workshops emerged. These were run by traditional silversmithing families.

Shaghab (Earrings)Al Shindagha Museum

Skilled craftsmen came to these workshops to create new pieces for the growing market.

Silversmithing ToolsAl Shindagha Museum

Silversmithing Tools
A set of metal silversmithing tools called 'Pens and Screws' or Qalam wa Masameer in Arabic.

These tools were usually used to shape, smooth, engrave and decorate silver jewellery.

Satami (Necklace)Al Shindagha Museum

Ring MandrelsAl Shindagha Museum

Ring Mandrels
A pair of solid metal ring mandrels used for forming and sizing rings.

Silver RingsAl Shindagha Museum

Metal Inscription Block ToolAl Shindagha Museum

Metal Inscription Block Tool
An intricately decorated metal block tool used for printing inscriptions onto silver.

This metal block bears an engraving of an intricately decorated heart shaped pattern with Arabic lettering.

Wooden Inscription Block ToolAl Shindagha Museum

Wooden Inscription Block Tool
A wooden block tool bearing a strip of floral and geometric pattern used to print decorative inscriptions onto silver.

Hirz (Necklace)Al Shindagha Museum

Bu Al-Shouk (Bracelet)Al Shindagha Museum

The traditional jewellery crafted by the silversmiths, carries significant personal and cultural meaning across generations.

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