Golden Tales of Identity

Discover some of the timeless pieces of gold jewellery worn in Dubai through this incredible collection on display at the Traditional Jewellery House in Al Shindagha Museum.

Al Multafit (Bracelet ) and RingAl Shindagha Museum

Jewellery was worn in the region for millennia, and not just as embellishment, it revealed a person’s wealth, social stature, taste and identity.

Mariyyat Umm Shnaf (Necklace)Al Shindagha Museum

For centuries, Dubai’s historic trade routes and its exposure to different cultures have influenced the materials, designs, styles and shapes of traditional jewellery throughout time.

Khelkhal (Anklet)Al Shindagha Museum

Raw materials from around the world were crafted into the most exquisite jewellery. Most precious of them all, were gold jewellery, with gold sourced from India, Europe and the Americas.

Marriyat Habat Al Sha’eer (Necklace)Al Shindagha Museum

Marriyat Habat Al Sha’eer
An intricately designed gold necklace strung on a gold beaded chain.

Featuring two rows, the row above the chain is made up of gold beads,

while the second row is made up of a series of bead and drop-shaped pendants hanging from the chain.

At the center of the necklace is a prominent circular pendant inset with a star, below which is a semi-circle of beads with flat decorative hangings.

Khelkhal (Anklet)Al Shindagha Museum

Finely decorated rigid gold anklets called Khalakheel, entirely designed with intricate dots, lines, floral and geometric motif patterns.

The beauty of the anklet is accentuated by three bold elaborately decorated geometric shaped elements at the center.

Khalakheel (Anklets)Al Shindagha Museum

The hollow anklet is designed to open from the front and its clasp is locked with a gold pin.

These anklets are traditionally worn in paired sets by girls and women in the UAE.

Al Jibeer (Ring)Al Shindagha Museum

Al Jibeer
A pair of decorated gold rings called Al Jibeer, traditionally worn by Emirati women on their thumbs.

This beautiful ring is surmounted by an ornate bezel designed with a flower enclosed within a circle of dots.

Al Multafit (Bracelet ) and RingAl Shindagha Museum

Al Multafit Bracelet and Ring Set
A gold jewellery set comprising of a ring and a bracelet.

The ring features a rectangular ornate head decorated with geometric patterns highlighted with bright enamel colours.

The bracelet called the Al Multafit consists of multiple square pieces decorated with geometric and floral patterns, with each alternate square embellished with bright enamel.

Hyool (Bangle)Al Shindagha Museum

A pair of delicately designed openwork hinged gold bangles, called Hyool in Arabic.

These beautiful bangles are decorated with inset floral motifs.

It is designed to open from the front and its clasp is locked with a gold pin.

Hiqb (Belt)Al Shindagha Museum

This rare ornate gold belt called the Hiqb on loan from Fatima Al Hay bin Mubarak, is currently on display at The Traditional Jewellery House.

Made of gold, precious and semi-precious stones this beautiful openwork belt is decorated with inset floral, vegetal and geometric patterns.

The buckle of the belt features colourful enamel designs.

This Hiqb was gifted to Fatima Al Hay bin Mubarak by her father Al Hay bin Mubarak on the occasion of her graduation from high school in 1979.

Mariyyat Umm Shnaf (Necklace)Al Shindagha Museum

Mariyyat Umm Shnaf
A traditional gold beaded necklace strung on a textile rope.

Attached to the chain, on a gold pipe is an intricately designed pendant featuring a large crescent element finely decorated with circular patterns with bright red stone set at its center.

Mariyyat Umm Shnaf (Necklace)Al Shindagha Museum

Mariyyat Umm Shnaf 
Traditional gold beaded necklace strung on a cotton thread.

Attached to the chain, on a gold pipe is an intricately designed pendant featuring a large crescent element finely decorated with circular patterns with bright green stone set at its center

and beautiful gold openwork hangings.

Satami (Necklace)Al Shindagha Museum

A beautiful gold coin necklace called Satami, strung onto a textile string along with gold beads.

features gold coins designed with elegant Arabic calligraphy

The large central pendant is designed with elegant floral patterns and embedded with small precious stones.

Postage Stamps - 'Women's Traditional Jewellery in the UAE'Al Shindagha Museum

Postage StampsWomen's Traditional Jewellery in the UAESix distinct styles of jewellery have been commemorated in this 2006 issue of UAE postage stamps.

Head jewellery (left) is one of the most prominent pieces of adornment that Emirati women have owned and worn.

Bu Shouk 
Thick and broad bracelet (right) with pointed heads like spines or prominent triangles.

Placed on the index finger, this ring (left) is adorned with a bezel that is shaped as a teardrop.

Shaghab Bu Shouk
These earrings (right) are conical in shape adorned with spikes at the center and gold bead finials.

This wide necklace (left), features small squares stacked side by side, hanging from which are small connected strings of chains.

Mariya Um Alnairat
This necklace (right) consists of a thick gold chain decorated with gold coins attached to a central crescent pendant.

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