Happy Family

Hendra Gunawan, 1980

Ciputra Artpreneur

Ciputra Artpreneur

Happy Family (1980) by Hendra GunawanCiputra Artpreneur

Each family has its own parameters for happiness.

Some are happy when they achieve a high position. Others are happy to have all that they desire in assets and riches. There are those who are happy to keep working and remain in good health.

Hendra’s painting shows another parameter. “They are happy to be together for a long time, casting off their fatigue. They are a family of fishermen, whose father often returns late from the sea, “said Hendra.

In an atmosphere of togetherness they joke wholeheartedly with each other. There the father is seen lying down, while raising his children up and down on his two legs.

The two children feel as if they are riding a horse. The speed at which the legs are going up and down is shown in the movement of the children’s hair as a result of the pull of gravity.

The children are happy. They continue to laugh merrily in spite of their fear. Meanwhile the mother entertains her daughter with a beautiful tame bird.

Happiness is indeed a simple thing.

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Texts taken from:

Painting description by Agus Dermawan T.

Prisoner of Hope: 100 Years Hendra Gunawan curated by Aminudin TH Siregar and Agus Dermawan T.

Photo credits: Ciputra Artpreneur documentation

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