The Ciputra Family and Ali Sadikin

Hendra Gunawan, 1980

Ciputra Artpreneur

Ciputra Artpreneur

The Ciputra Family and Ali Sadikin (1980) by Hendra GunawanCiputra Artpreneur

This painting was made three years after Hendra was released from prison.

After a joint exhibition at TIM (Taman Ismail Marzuki) in 1978 and a solo exhibition at TIM in 1979, Hendra made plans to move from Bandung to Bali.

To this end he contacted a number of people to assist him. Among them were Ciputra and Ali Sadikin.

Ciputra, who eventually became a friend and the main collector of Hendra’s paintings, brought Hendra closer to Ali Sadikin.

Ali Sadikin was highly admired by Hendra and to express his admiration he produced the painting of “Ali Sadikin In the Revolutionary War”, 1978.

This painting is set at the golf course in Ancol. It was here that it was said that Ciputra received a golf trophy from Ali Sadikin. And then Ciputra and his family were photographed together with Ali Sadikin.

Everyone is dressed in batik. In the background the building Oceanorium can be seen, which until 2018 is the icon in Ancol Art Market, Jakarta.

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Texts taken from:

Painting description by Agus Dermawan T.

Prisoner of Hope: 100 Years Hendra Gunawan curated by Aminudin TH Siregar and Agus Dermawan T.

Photo credits: Ciputra Artpreneur documentation

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