Never Gallery Ready (NgR)

Never Gallery Ready (NgR)
Toronto, Canada

Never Gallery Ready (NgR) is an arts organization providing media-literacy focused arts education to children and youth; engaging audiences through community exhibitions; and producing content and resources for exploring media and digital literacy through the arts.

NgR's workshop series' and projects have facilitated the creation of more than 5,000 (and growing) artworks that explore media messages and content-creation through a variety of mediums, including: paper and digital collage, sound art, zine-making, site-specific installations, photography, video-loops and mashups, gifs, infographic posters, memes and emojis and explores innovated real-world exhibiting of works using emerging technologies such as augmented reality.

Never Gallery Ready aims to EDUCATE on the role and function of media, ANIMATE a variety of content, tools and tactics available to message-creators and FACILITATE the creation of works of art driven by individual and community voice. Never Gallery Ready’s inclusive cut & paste techniques allow community members of all ages and skill levels to: name themselves as artists and critical thinkers; react and respond to the messages they see around them; feel empowered to create new messages and share their stories.

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Never Gallery Ready (NgR)Toronto
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