Christmas Nativity

Discover the history of the nativity scenes and get to know some of the ones that are part of the MAP collection

Nacimiento de barro by DesconocidoAsociación de Amigos del MAP

Christmas Nativity

Nativity scenes are an important part of the traditions of many countries since they represent the birth of Jesus Christ and with it, Christmas.

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On the night of the last posada, the "lying down" of the Child and dinner were held, for which the Birth was planned.

Nacimiento de madera y fibras vegetalesAsociación de Amigos del MAP

The scenes of the birth of Jesus are essential elements and of great tradition in Mexican culture in December season.

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In the case of Mexico, it is set with familiar elements of the town, motifs and everyday types, mixed with the divine drama of Belen.

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The creation of the nativity scenes is attributed to Saint Francis of Assisi on Christmas Eve in the year 1200-1220, inspired after visiting the historic place of the birth of Jesus.

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It is said that the first representation of a birth was made with a group of real people and animals for the reproduction of said scene.

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Subsequently, this representation of births around the world became popular and with the passage of time it gained more and more strength. Today, there is a wide variety of techniques, shapes and styles.

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Each region and community of the country has its own cultural expression. This multifaceted manifestation that results in a unique artisan expression in relation to faith and Mexican tradition.

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The Mexican Popular Art

Provides us with nativity scenes made of all kinds of materials: from the wheat straw figures in Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán...

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...The mysteries made with immortelle in San Antonino, Oaxaca; polychrome wooden niches that resemble scenes from an ancient pastorela.

Nacimiento de barro modeladoAsociación de Amigos del MAP

Other techniques commonly used to carry out nativity scenes are: clay, vegetable fibers, tin, walnut shells, wax, miniatures, glass, among others.

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Despite the fact that modernity has had an impact on the protection of many traditions, nativity scenes have remained part of the most represented elements, serving as inspiration for artisans to express their creativity and new forms of representation on them.

Nacimiento de barro by DesconocidoAsociación de Amigos del MAP

No matter the technique, or region in which a Birth is performed, the meaning will always be the arrival of Jesus Christ into the world and the date December 24 will forever be a famous date, regardless of creed or tradition.

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