Frida and Diego: A Smile at Halfway

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: historical records

The couple moved to the United States. In 1933, they painted a mural for the Rockefeller Center which included the image of Lenin. For that reason it was destroyed, and so they made the decision to return to Mexico.

On their return, they settled in the house-studio that the architect Juan O'Gorman had built for them in San Ángel. Diego's numerous affairs led the couple to divorce in 1935.

Following the split, Frida moved to a modern apartment in Insurgentes. However, it was not long until she returned to her beloved Diego. Nonetheless, the couple continued living apart: Rivera in San Ángel and Kahlo in Coyoacán.

In 1940, Frida and Diego decided to remarry in San Francisco. On their return to Mexico, they lived in the Blue House in Coyoacán, while Diego commuted daily to the house-studio to continue his work.

From 1944 to 1954, Frida's health worsened and this took its toll on their already fragile relationship. In spite of her illness, she installed her only ever solo exhibition held during her lifetime, in the Contemporary Art Gallery.

On July 2, a convalescent Frida marched with Diego at the demonstration to protest against US intervention in Guatemala.

Eleven days later, on July 13, 1954, she died. Throughout her life she underwent more than 20 surgical interventions, the last being the amputation of her left leg.

Three years later, after battling cancer, Diego Rivera died in 1957.

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