Modern Sandalwood Fan with Burnt and Wire-sawn Patterns

Arts & Crafts Museum Hangzhou

Arts & Crafts Museum Hangzhou

Named for the ribs made of sandalwood, a type of evergreen arbor known for its refreshing and long-lasting fragrance, sandalwood fans fall into the category of folding fans. A large variety of sandalwood fans were produced in Hangzhou and Suzhou in the 1920s. All distributed by the famous Wang Xing Ji Fan Store, these fans were given cute names based on the well-known sceneries of the West Lake, such as “Yu Dai” (Jade Belt), “Shuang Feng” (Twin Ridges), “Xi Ling” (West and Cool), etc. The guards of this fan feature ivory-applique inscriptions reading respectively “Fairyland on earth” and “with incomparable beauty”. Decorating techniques of burning and wire-sawing were applied to the panel of this fan, creating patterns of pavilions and terraces on one side and court ladies on the other. This fan is also ornamented with a fan pendant.

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  • Title: Modern Sandalwood Fan with Burnt and Wire-sawn Patterns
  • Physical dimensions: Length: 26cm, unfolded width: 48cm, 30 guards & ribs

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