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Puzzle Party — Guangzhou Museum Collections

Solve Guangzhou Museum puzzles with family and friends

Puzzle Party — Czech National Library Edition

Piece together Czech National Library puzzles with family and friends

Food Mood

Get inspiration for your next meal and create new recipes mixing influences from two cuisines, generated with the help of Google AI.

Musical Canvas

Generate soundtracks to your drawings with the help of Google AI.

K-Pop Dance Challenge

Learn to dance like a K-Pop pro in this choreographed dance challenge. A collaboration between the V&A and Google Arts & Culture Lab.

Rewild The World

Meet four threatened wildlife species in their natural habitat, and help heal their environment.

Matchbox Momentos

Build your own matchbox art collection in this interactive Moksha-Patam inspired story, by Harshit Agrawal in collaboration with Museum of Art & Photography and Tasveer Ghar.

The Forever Labyrinth

Embark on an art-filled quest through time and space

The Journey of the Spanish Words

Explore how the uses and meanings of some Spanish words vary according to regions.

Passage of Water

In collaboration with artist Yiyun Kang and NASA, learn about freshwater availability and engage with possible solutions to avoid a water crisis.

Instrument Playground

Generate, play and compose music inspired by instruments across the globe with the help of Google AI

Puzzle Party — Hindi Cinema Edition

Play Hindi Cinema puzzles with friends and family


ARTETIK is a pioneering digital experience about art and emotions, the result of a partnership between the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Google Arts & Culture, showcasing both institutions' commitment to innovation and accessibility of content.

Say What You See

Learn the art of image prompting with the help of Google AI.

Cultural Icons

Explore, learn & test your cultural knowledge with the help of Google AI.

Puzzle Party — Crafted In Mexico Edition

Solve Crafted In Mexico puzzle with family and friends !

Staring Contest

Face off against famous artworks, try not to blink!


Get your fortune read with an Art themed Tarot Deck

The Art Handler

Transport artworks as far as you can through the gallery, try not to fall!

Don't Touch the Art

How far can you fall through the gallery without touching the artworks!

Art Remix

Remix art with AI

Poem Postcards

Send art to a friend

Viola the Bird

Play a cello inspired instrument with Viola the Bird and the help of machine learning! An experiment by David Li.

Return of the Cat Mummy

Return to life as a cat mummy & help save the pharaoh's journey of eternity

Puzzle Party — APAHM Edition

Solve APAHM puzzles !


Guess the monument in a world covered in colorful AI generated dough!


Can you guess the hidden word? The clue is in the ‘Tell tale’ typography created by Google AI.

Odd One Out

Can you spot the odd one out? Guess the AI generated “imposters” hidden among the artworks on Google Arts & Culture.

Blob Beats

Classical music, Arcade style

Puzzle Party — Czechia Edition

Solve Czechia puzzles

Baguette Sprint

How many baguettes can you collect?

In Rhythm with Nature

A moment of calm

The Descent of the Serpent

An ancient adventure through Mesoamerica!

BTS x Street Galleries

Bring art to the streets with BTS!

Puzzle Party — Milan Cathedral Edition

Piece together Milan Cathedral puzzles with family and friends

3D Pottery

Sculpt your own historical pot

Guess the Line

The game where AI judges your drawing skills

Geo Artwork

Guess the origins of artifacts

Where is Hopper?

An AI-illustrated adventure through Europe

Giga Manga

Create your own manga characters!

Puzzle Party — Diwali Edition

Piece together Diwali puzzles with family and friends

Art Coloring Book - Panda Edition

Color your imagined pandas with iPanda

Visual Crosswords with David Kwong

Unveil unexpected artwork pairings with Visual Crosswords! This special edition is designed exclusively for Google Arts & Culture by David Kwong and Dave Shukan. David Kwong is a world class creator of enigmas and illusions and frequently contributes to the New York Times. He also designs codes and challenges for famous films and TV shows.

Fourth of July Fireworks

Celebrate Independence Day with Google Arts & Culture

Assisted Melody

Create melodies with the help of maestro composers.

Paint With Music

Create music with a brushstroke

Art Coloring Book — Ramadan and Eid Edition

Color your favorite artwork

Puzzle Party — Easter Edition

Piece together Easter-themed puzzles with family and friends

Puzzle Party — Holi Edition

Solve Holi-themed puzzles with family and friends

Play a Kandinsky

What if you could hear color?

Blob Opera

Create your own ML-powered opera song! by David Li with Google Arts & Culture

Puzzle Party — Fantastic Beasts Edition

Solve puzzles of fantastic real-life animals

Puzzle Party — Palace Museum Edition

Solve Palace Museum puzzles with family and friends

Art Coloring Book — Kwanzaa Edition

Color your favorite Kwanzaa artwork

Art Coloring Book — Hanukkah Edition

Color your favorite Hanukkah artwork

Art Coloring Book — Christmas Edition

Color your favorite Christmas artwork

Puzzle Party — Wonders of Mexico Edition

Solve wonders of Mexico puzzles with family and friends

Art Coloring Book — Diwali Edition

Color your favorite Diwali artwork

Art Coloring Book — NASA Edition

Color your way through the universe with NASA

Puzzle Party — NASA Edition

Solve NASA puzzles with family and friends

Cultural Crosswords

Get cultured through word puzzles

Art Coloring Book

Color famous paintings your way

Puzzle Party

Piece together an artwork with family and friends

What Came First?

Compare cultural moments in time

Featured game

Odd One Out

Can you spot the odd one out? Guess the AI generated “imposters” hidden among the artworks on Google Arts & Culture.

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