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What Is Juneteenth?

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Patchwork design

The work is a patchwork of linoleum fragments with different designs, salvaged by the artist from old Canberra houses and cut into small rectangles, then reassembled in an animated and elegant composition.

Connecting to the land

The work has a strong connection to landscape, evident in its horizontal format and the artist's juxtaposition of lino shards selected and placed to suggest land and sky.

Culture of Canberra

The work is both an emblem of the physical and cultural landscape of the Canberra region, as well as a hybrid of modernist art and industrial design.

Lino, Canberra and Tile Formation, Vivienne Binns, 2000

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The National Museum of Women in the Arts is the only museum solely dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women in the visual, performing, and literary arts. The museum’s collection features 5,000 works from the 16th century to the present day.

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All Attersee

Klimt is well-known for his golden paintings, but here he paints the surface of Lake Attersee, where he lived at the time.

Klimt or Monet?

The unusual turquoise color is reminiscent of paintings by the French Impressionist Claude Monet.

A deeper blue

As the water stretches into the distance and we see less of the ripples on the surface, the blue becomes deeper, and Klimt's brushstrokes become longer and more sweeping.

On Lake Attersee, Gustav Klimt, 1900

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As a museum of ancient Chinese art, Yangzhou Museum possesses a collection of 30,000 precious works of art. It is the biggest collection, research, and leisure center in Yangzhou.

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The Last Supper
'The Last Supper' by Giampietrino, Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio, Royal Academy of Arts

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Folding wooden headrest, British Museum