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From Argenteuil to Paris

The road leads to the train station connecting Argenteuil to Paris. He painted this view with the station behind him, looking towards the Seine at the other end of the road.

The cart leads the way

A cart has carved tracks through the snow. The lines help to give a sense of perspective and depth, leading toward the vanishing point in the centre.

Day trippers

These figures, barely more than daubs of paint, may be people coming to or from the station. Argenteuil was popular with day trippers from the capital, but more so in the summer when people enjoyed boating on the Seine.

Detail vs. atmosphere

Monet sacrifices details in favour of atmosphere. The predominantly monochrome palette of blues and greys conveys the bleakness of an overcast winter's afternoon.

Snowed in

The snow is dotted with colour to denote light and shade, and to give a sense of the snow’s crunchy texture.

Tonal trees

The trees are economically painted, made with minimal brushstrokes and warmer tones, such as streaks of red.

Snow Scene at Argenteuil, Claude Monet, 1875

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