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The World of Gordon Parks

The first African American staff photographer at LIFE magazine


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The red feathered hat

This tapestry represents Louis XIV’s visit to the Gobelins' manufacture. The king is easily recognisable by his red feathered hat.


Here we can see people carrying the silverware created for Louis XIV by the goldsmiths of Les Gobelins and the Louvre.


This richly decorated vase may be the great dragon vase, delivered by the goldsmith Alexis Loir in 1683.

Duke of Orleans

Louis XIV is standing next to his brother Philippe, Duke of Orleans. But who is that peeking through?

The King’s Visit to the Gobelins, Charles Le Brun, 1673/1679

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Back-breaking labor

Caillebotte caused a stir in Parisian high-society during the 1870s by painting ordinary city laborers hard at work.

Sharing a word

The figures are painted so realistically that you can almost hear them talking to one another while they work.

A well-earned drink

Did you spot this bottle of wine? The workers are almost ready for some hard-earned refreshment.

The Floor Planers, Gustave Caillebotte, 1875

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How long did the Eiffel Tower take to build?
Clue: it was pretty quick for a tall tower
2 years
Eiffel Tower by Georges Seurat, Legion of Honor