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"I ought to be jealous of the tower. It is more famous than I am."Gustave Eiffel, civil engineer

Are they dancing?

These abstract figures appear to be in a celebratory mood, matching the bright, bold palette and wild energy of Delaunay's painting.

The great tower

Robert Delaunay saw the Eiffel Tower as a symbol of modernity – standing for the future and the triumph of technology.

What are these colorful circles?

Color was at the center of Delaunay's theories about painting. He believed that when juxtaposed with other colors, it could convey form, depth, light and even emotion. For Delaunay, color was a subject for art in itself, just like a vase of flowers or the Eiffel Tower.

A Painting Inspired by the Eiffel Tower

'Air, Iron, and Water' by Robert Delaunay, 1937

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