Sack-back gown (robe à la française) and 'Pufu a La Puce' hairstyle (Nomi-style)

Kobe Fashion Museum

Kobe Fashion Museum

The festoon of flowers paired with stripes in Robe à la française is the most basic textile design used towards the end of the Rococo Trend. From the opening of the wristband, a lace called “Engageantes” can be seen, which adds grace to the loveliness of this garment. The use of pink as the main color, and the splendor of laces and fly fringes used abundantly on the collar, chest, and front body is symbolic of France’s Royal Family and its surrounding Nobility living in a closed world, with no awareness that the French Revolution was drawing near. A lady known throughout the court for her beauty, has always been pampered for it. Today, she is at the ball with the latest make up and the latest hair style called Pufu a La Puce (Nomi-style) which measures 1 meter from her chin to the top. However, the men do not have confidence in dancing well with a lady with such a hair style, and are just watching her from afar. “If someone else succeeds in dancing with her, then I can copy their dance” is what the men are thinking. They do not have the courage. Time passes by, and the lady becomes filled with frustration. Towards the end of 1770, the golden age of enormous hair styles arrived. In today’s world, this fashion may seem very awkward, but there is actually a very good balance between the volume of the skirt and hair style, forming an hourglass-like shape.

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  • Title: Sack-back gown (robe à la française) and 'Pufu a La Puce' hairstyle (Nomi-style)
  • Date Created: 1770/1775
  • Location Created: France
  • Type: Dress
  • Rights: Kobe Costume Museum
  • Medium: Silk Brocade, Flower Pattern, Fly Fringe

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