100 YEARS by Sandy Gutkowski

Delhi Photo Festival 2015

Delhi Photo Festival

Delhi Photo Festival

Concerning my artistic work, I lay the emphasis on the process of its creation, the time of exploration, my connection to a certain idea, the feelings it provokes in me. I closely look into what seems visceral to me, to what relates to my deepest emotions. My activity as a photographer is not a steady method. It may be generated from different starting points. With every work I try to create different meanings; in my imagination, it sometimes appears to be more literal and sometimes more concept-related. I am fully into image creation, which allows to convey a new meaning to everyday life. The body as an artistic support, the space as an environment of experiences and the architecture that sets in context the emotion of situations. All of these make a vital universe on which I feel gradually interested, with more questions, more challenges influencing both my way of understanding life and my way of having it photographed. The purpose of my photographic essay is to provide another perspective on old age, more real for the present time, inviting to consider ageing also from a powerful and desirable point of view. My mother Cecilia is 100 years old; she is still engaged to life; she thinks positively and with her great sense of humour she proves that there is another possible way of ageing.

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  • Title: 100 YEARS by Sandy Gutkowski
  • Creator: Delhi Photo Festival 2015
  • Photographer's site: www.sandygutkowski.tumblr.com
  • Photographer: Sandy Gutkowski
  • About the Photographer: Sandy Gutkowski is a pedagogue, stage director, theatre instructor and visual artist. She completed studies on contemporary aesthetics, lighting and portraits. As a photographer, she has cooperated in several artistic projects: Vietnam, (Art University) in Argentina. She also worked as a photo compiler and editor for the book “ El árbol de Cecilia “(Cecilia´s Tree). Among her latest exhibitions are, Mujeres de Vietnam (“Vietnam´s women”), “Alrededor del Thay Ho” (Around Thay Ho) “ Los Bohemios” (The Bohemians). Sandy has received several awards in recognition of her creative photographic activity.
  • #DPF2015: The image featured here is from the above-mentioned work that will be shown at the Delhi Photo Festival 2015 from October 30 to November 8, 2015 at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), CV Mess, Janpath, New Delhi.


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