1924 Railroad Refrigerator Car, Used by Fruit Growers Express


The Henry Ford

The Henry Ford

Modern refrigerated rail cars have mechanical cooling units, but well into the 20th century, ice cooled refrigerator cars like this one. Since 45-55 pounds of ice melted each hour, icing stations had to be located at regular intervals along the route, and adherence to strict schedules was necessary to prevent spoilage. The ability to ship meats and produce in refrigerator cars, far from their points of origin, greatly expanded both farmers' markets, and consumers' food choices.

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  • Title: 1924 Railroad Refrigerator Car, Used by Fruit Growers Express
  • Date Created: 1924-03
  • Subject Keywords: Fruit Growers Express Co., Refrigerated transport, Freight and freightage, Farm produce, Delivery, Refrigerator cars, Railroad cars
  • Type: Objects
  • Contributor: The Henry Ford
  • Original Source: http://collections.thehenryford.org/Collection.aspx?objectKey=228760
  • Object Name: Refrigerator car
  • Object ID: 87.207.1
  • Image ID: THF68309
  • Credit: From the Collections of The Henry Ford.
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