1960s Fashion futurism

Melbourne Harbour Trust Commissioners and circa 1960s

Public Record Office Victoria (State Archives of Victoria, Australia)

Public Record Office Victoria (State Archives of Victoria, Australia)

Throughout the 1960s hemlines continued to creep up as the mini became more than a skirt, and was embraced as a feminist symbol of liberation. During this time Melbourne was heavily influenced by European designers like Mary Quant who started to embrace a more futuristic look. Advancements in fabric technology also fuelled futurism in fashion with the invention of new materials like PVC, polyester and faux fur. At the same time exciting new colour combinations such as ‘optical white’ and silver were popularised in the late 60s thanks to the introduction of a new bleach.

This striking image highlights several of these trends as the young female employee to the left of the frame wears a futuristic cut, optical white socks and stacked heels. It also serves to remind us just how far Melbourne fashion had come as the miniskirt is being openly worn in the workplace.

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  • Title: 1960s Fashion futurism
  • Creator: Melbourne Harbour Trust Commissioners, circa 1960s
  • Provenance: Public Record Office Victoria VPRS 8357/P1 Item 104
  • Subject Keywords: Fashion, Melbourne, Street Fashion


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