2A Architecture, Exterior Perspective - Palazzo Mora -


Time Space Existence - Biennale Architettura 2016

Time Space Existence - Biennale Architettura 2016

Tonal is a site specific installation that utilizes individual light transmit- ting devices, suspended within a space, to gather light and colour from the exterior of a building. The tonal variations picked up by the devices are transported into the darkened room as a lively composition of light and colour. These light transmitting devices contain within them a series of optical components: light collectors, light transmitters, and light pro- jectors. The light collectors, located outside of a window, deploy glass lenses and the end of a length of fibre optic cable – the transmitter. The lenses focus exterior light and colour onto the ends of the cables that then pass through the threshold of the window into the exhibition space. Once inside, the transmitting cables terminate, and the light is projected through lenses that amplify the light and colour. The collection of devices within the space act together to present a fragmented and pixelated depiction of Venice to the viewer. Amongst the cables and lenses, the quality and intensity of the tones one experiences will be oddly familiar and cohesive, yet offer a moment of displacement and curiosity. The project is at once both a highly technical experiment with light and its ability to be captured and transported through fibre optic cable, and a phenomenological exploration that brings into question the role of place, seeing, and memory, in relation to tonal variations.


  • Title: 2A Architecture, Exterior Perspective - Palazzo Mora -
  • Date Created: 2016


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