The writer believes that the work will be similar to Nature.Life and death are the same. In addition, the first and endless are the same.We need to know. On the surface differently than non-existence and existence, but, in fact, that it is the same thing ....."I'm inside of you and you are in them."Distant future, a tree will be paper. And the paper will be the soil through a process of rotting.Likewise, the distant future, people will also be soil through a process of rotting.And (after a longer time), then the soil will be born again into a tree.


  • Title: Pot (Return home )
  • Creator: Kim, Do Myoung
  • Creator Lifespan: 1969
  • Creator Nationality: Korean
  • Creator Birth Place: Seoul, Korea
  • Date Created: 2007
  • Type: Sculpture, Installation
  • Medium: Corrugated cardboard. soil. seeds
  • Size: Variable installation
  • Critic's Note: Green 草綠_ attracts the life The most important issue in present day is the idea of a person’s Well-Being. This series, ’Well-Life (living),’ explores the points of what makes up one’s well being. The life we wish for is not blind by wealth and great political causes. Expecting a fruitful experience between oneself and the world is a spiritual restoration that has been injured in history, willingly or not. Accordingly, we have arrived at questions like: what is the essence of human life? We have defined how mutual relationships are in the natural world surrounding humanity and we have come to understand it well. We cannot overlook the critical opinion, a reevaluation of humanity’s insight during the time that human beings are the only one that can think and make sense. Artist, Kim, Do-myoung plays on the variation more on the thinking and respecting for the lives his past stories have talked on and circulations etc and the things other than visible ones to support our life (soundless weak but absolute strong). Hestands against by his way the fallacy of self-contradiction that the silent concurrence from human inside believes human is the supreme- being mentally. That has effected on this artist how human and nature have drawn the morphology and also (his own narration) has been made an important process for great event and decision by the others’responses and participations. Kim Do-Myoung’s work has been made visible things from the infinity and repetition, the circulation of in & outside and metaphysical comparison and sublimation, although his material and form are simple and honest.That is commonly expressed as a paradox in the literature. Accordingly the effect of this makes increase the thinking ways and numbers on the object. And then awakes viewer to the truth of him. His working way is to enumerate various figures of crocks by depressed & embossed carving (carving in the round) from filed up paper plates, sometimes, accumulation & break up and repeated method and then plant there. These figures live in the one -dimensional world and outgoing to the placed in the real world. His talking subject in the white cube where symbolized the formula of art is similar to that in the nature. Filled up pots and repeating with same figures and suddenly one part’s ballooned, newly being born configurations from inside are entirely divergentrelations each other, why is they are coming out from entirely divergent veins. And then the relation transfers to his innocent and frank private memories to our ones. Configurations. As this symbol is the complicated structure, basic unit of live-being is reminded. And also, Seeds of origin, Resemblance is reserved earth – the earth (the ground), tree, etc are flashed across our mind the circulation of life or nature. Simple figures express the stages of thinking such as familiar or ecological respect for life going in near with the imagination. Just overlooked, the physically reproduced ones looks like to re enact only his private memory of childhood but the objects or name named the ones is just tools for expressing thinking. Our yardstick to decide the value for the tool should be not what reproduced but how speak out through out it.
  • Artist's Education: Kookmin University. Seoul, Korea. B.F.A. & M.F.A., Painting.

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