Probably, it comes from the parish church of Sant Vicenç de Menàrguens (Noguera)


  • Título: Altarpiece of Saint Vincent
  • Creador: Bernat Martorell
  • Fecha de creación: Circa 1438-1440
  • Tag: Religion
  • Inventory number: 015797-CJT
  • Dimensiones físicas: w2380 x h2880 x d245 cm
  • Description: Bernat Martorell was Catalonia's most important painter during the second quarter of the 15th century and headed one of the most active workshops in Barcelona. This retable stands out in his work as it is one of the few to have survived complete. The central and side columns are devoted to Saint Vincent. In the top compartment, instead of the traditional Calvary, is the Virgin of Pity who protects humanity with her mantle. We can identify Saint Benedict, in black, and Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, in white, the principal saints of the Benedictine and Cistercian orders respectively. The predella is taken up by the Passion of Christ. The cycle begins with the Arrest, which takes place in twilight. In the centre is Judas, with an evil expression and a yellow tunic, who kisses Christ, while Saint Peter, in anger, cuts off Malchus's ear.
  • Artwork history: Ignasi Girona and Anna Jover Bequest, 1930
  • Tipo: Painting
  • Enlace externo: Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
  • Técnica artística: Tempera and gold leaf on wood

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