Wainscot restoration detail

Ion Mincu/Serban Sturdza1890/2013

 Chamber of Architects in Romania

Chamber of Architects in Romania
Bucharest, Romania

The Mincu House // the restoration project

The Chamber of Architects in Romania buys the house from arch. Mincu`s descendants and becomes its owner in 2002. The restoration process started in 2010, revealing among others several sketches drawn by the architect or hidden letters from the inter-war period of time. The restoration process has been coordinated by the arch. Serban Sturdza, involving the efforts of a 200 members team of architects, restaurateurs and volunteers. The Mincu House is a historical monument open to public access and visitation since October 2012.

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  • Title: Wainscot restoration detail
  • Creator: Ion Mincu/Serban Sturdza
  • Date: 1890/2013
  • Location: Bucharest Arthur Verona street no.19 code 010312