A Holy Commonwealth

Richard Baxter1659

Dr Williams's Library

Dr Williams's Library
London, United Kingdom

1659 first edition of Richard Baxter's 'A Holy Commonwealth' at Dr. Williams's Library. In chapter XIII 'Of the late Warrs' Baxter rejects the call to give an account of his part in the wars. As a Puritan his actions are governed by necessity and at this time sees no necessity in offering such an account - the turmoil of the coming years would convince Baxter of the necessity to counter Royalist accounts of the period.

'...it would not be here unreasonable to render a publick account of my own actions, in answer to that Question, which i have been urged with so many ['By what Reasons was I moved to engage myself in the Parliaments Warre'?] But it will require so long a History of my own affair, and also so unpleasant a task, till I am called to it by such necessity, as will excuse these inconveniences, but only cursorily shall cast in these following brief accounts instead a fuller Declaration.'


  • Title: A Holy Commonwealth
  • Creator: Richard Baxter
  • Date Created: 1659


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