A local transform of Vishnu

Shambhu Acharya

Academy of Fine Arts and Literature

Academy of Fine Arts and Literature

As becomes obvious from another painting of Shambhu Acharya included in this book as Deity-pata, this image, though quite queer, is in all probabilities a local transform of Vishnu, or a deity sharing his character of sustaining the world. In one of his hands he is carrying a paddy stem, the symbol of life which he sustained, and in the other, a wheel-symbol, Vishnu’s principal attribute. Considering costume-styles of European rulers as superior to its, the folk mind, especially around Bengal, clad even its deities in European costumes.

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  • Title: A local transform of Vishnu
  • Creator: Shambhu Acharya
  • Location: Dhaka, Bengal
  • Physical Dimensions: Paper, 82 X 61 cm
  • Subject Keywords: Bengal School
  • Type: Painting


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