A newly-wed Wilhelmina with the diamond garniture

Édouard Boutibonne1865

Hallwyl Museum

Hallwyl Museum

On their honeymoon in Switzerland in 1865, Wilhelmina and Walther had their portrait painted by the artist Édouard Boutibonne. In her portrait, Wilhelmina is wearing a pale pink crinoline dress with wide lace trimming and a brilliant garniture.

In addition to a triangular pendant with brilliant- and rose-cut diamonds, the necklace consists of gold chains linked together with oriental pearls. The stones are mounted on silver, either without a backing or with claws, to increase the translucence. This flow of light makes the stones appear whiter and even more sparkling. In order to heighten the effect, the smaller brilliants and rose-cut stones with their triangular facets are backed with a thin, fine foil of white metal.

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  • Title: A newly-wed Wilhelmina with the diamond garniture
  • Creator: Édouard Boutibonne
  • Date Created: 1865
  • Artist info: Photo: Erik Lernestål
  • Original Language: Swedish
  • Subject Keywords: Jewellery, gold, diamonds, portrait, Wilhelmina von Hallwyl, garniture
  • Rights: CC-BY-SA
  • External Link: Image number: T 3833