A Peasant holding a Glass

David Teniers the Younger17th century

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Teniers - who served as curator of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm, Governor of the Southern Netherlands - was well known for his genre scenes of Flemish peasants, some of which are on view in this room.

These two tiny heads are painted on copper.

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  • Title: A Peasant holding a Glass
  • Date: 17th century
  • Physical Dimensions: w66 x h85 cm
  • Type: Painting
  • Medium: Oil
  • null: Possibly, but not likely to be because of the lack of the pair DPG110.Lot 0015 from Sale Catalog Br-185Artist Name TENIERS, DAVID (THE YOUNGER) (Flemish)Lot Title Toper, on copper. True and very SpiritedObject Notes on copperTransaction Unknown Auction House Christie'sSale Location London, EnglandSale Date 29 April 1803 - 30 April 1803 (This Lot: 30 April)Seller Holcroft, ThomasLugt Number 6617See Also Sale Description
  • Work Nationality: Flemish
  • Support: Copper
  • Provenance: ?London, Noel Desenfans, ?1804-1807: ?1804 Insurance List, no. 34 or 35; London, Sir Francis Bourgeois, ?1807-1811; Bourgeois Bequest, 1811.
  • Inscriptions: Signed, top right: 'DT.F' (DT in monogram)
  • Further Information: A Peasant Holding a Glass(DPG 106) andA Peasant(DPG 110) are pendant works by David Teniers the younger, depicting a drinker and a smoker respectively. Both figures relate to the tronie genre popular in Dutch Golden Age painting. This type featured stock characters often in costume and with exaggerated features. Teniers himself often recycled figures, and similarities are seen between the Dulwich Picture Gallery figures and other works by the artist in Paris (Private Collection), Stockholm (Nationalmuseum) and Karlsruhe (Staatliche Kunsthalle). Distinctive of these works are their medium: they are painted onto copper, a format Teniers mastered, and which lends a smooth finish and luminous quality to the works.
  • Artist: Teniers, David the younger
  • Acquisition Method: Bourgeois, Sir Peter Francis (Bequest, 1811)


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