A portrait of Bhupati Mohan Sen

20th Century

Presidency University, Kolkata

Presidency University, Kolkata

Professor Bhupati Mohan Sen or B. M. Sen was the principal of Presidency College (now Presidency University) from 1931 to 1943. He made remarkable contribution in the field of Quantum Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics and published a seminal paper in Nature in 1933. His paper titled 'Tidal Oscillation on a Spheroid' was published in the Bulletin of Calcutta Mathematical Society. Books authored by him are 'A New Classical Theory of the Photon and the Electron' and 'Light and Matter: A New Classical Theory of Light and Matter based on the Maxwell Equations and the Special Relativity Theory with criticisms of the existing theories'. He taught both at the Mathematics Department of Presidency College and Applied Mathematics Department of University of Calcutta. He was also a member of the Governing Body of Bose Institute. In 1974, he was awarded Padma Bhushan by Government of India.

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  • Title: A portrait of Bhupati Mohan Sen
  • Date Created: 20th Century
  • Location: Kolkata, India
  • Type: Painting
  • Rights: Presidency University Museum
  • Medium: Oil Painting