A Red Woolen Skirt Embroidered with Treasures and Animals

Qing Dynasty ( ca.1644–ca.1911 A.D.)

Hunan Provincial Museum

Hunan Provincial Museum

This is a pleated skirt with red woolen cloth on the front side and hand-woven cloth on back. There are black woolen lines and blue hand-woven cloth on the waist, and black woolen cloth on the margin. The skirt has 41 pleats, and it becomes a circle when opened. This is formal attire that Miao Nationality women in western Hunan wear only for memorial ceremonies and happy occasions such as Zhuiniu and Jielong.
These ceremonial skirts mainly use “Dingxian embroidery” and also use technological processes like “Panjin”, “Wangzhen”, “Suozhen”, “Duiling” and so on. The lower part of the skirt is decorated with auspicious designs like “two dragons play with a pearl”,“a phoenix plays with a peony”, and “butterfly and flowers”. This bright-colored skirt was made with exquisite workmanship. Women sway as they wear it for a very charming effect. This is a wonderful work of art in Miao Nationality women’s clothing.

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  • Title: A Red Woolen Skirt Embroidered with Treasures and Animals
  • Date: Qing Dynasty ( ca.1644–ca.1911 A.D.)
  • Type: National and Folk Arts
  • Rights: Hunan Provincial Museum
  • External Link: Hunan Provincial Museum


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