A young maidservant

Michael Sweerts1660 - 1670

The Kremer Collection

The Kremer Collection

This extraordinary depiction of a young girl - datable to around 1660 - is undoubtedly one of Michael Sweerts's most beautiful works. It has been compared with Girl with a pearl earring, which Vermeer (1632-1675) would paint some five years later.
•   "The rendering of her skin is a technical marvel on a par with Rembrandt's or Gerard ter Borch's greatest adventures in naturalism: rosy where it should be rosy; blue-shadowed between the bridge of the nose and the eyes." - 
Simon Schama in "Another Dimension", The New Yorker, October 28, 2002 p. 87.
•   "One painting there completely bowled me over. This one. Apart from her melancholy glance, do you notice the pins in her plain dress? Knocked me out, it did. On a par with Girl with a Pearl Earring at the very least."
Visitor to the exhibition in Haarlem. Uploaded by "Willem vB" on March 3, 2009

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  • Title: A young maidservant
  • Creator: Michael Sweerts
  • Date Created: 1660 - 1670
  • Physical Dimensions: w53.5 x h61 cm (without frame)
  • Painter: Michael Sweerts
  • Collector's note:: Great art is mysterious.
  • Type: Canvas
  • Rights: http://www.thekremercollection.com/disclaimer/
  • External Link: The Kremer Collection website


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