Abraham Lincoln hair in silver locket, photographic print

December 25, 1921

Ohio History Connection

Ohio History Connection

On Christmas 1921, President Warren G. Harding was given a silver locket containing a portrait of Abraham Lincoln along with a lock of his hair. The engraved inscription on the back reads ?Ç£This lock of hair was cut from the head of Abraham Lincoln April 15, 1865 by Schuyler Colfax for Mrs. Lincoln, from whom it passed to her sister [Mrs.] Ninian Edwards and to her daughter Julia Edwards Baker, then to Lucy Harmon McPherson, the daughter of Judge Harmon, Lincoln?ÇÖs intimate friend and then to a friend of President Harding, who presents it to him as the exemplar of Lincoln?ÇÖs spirit and the exponent of his democracy. Christmas 1921?Ç¥ President Warren G. Harding?ÇÖs initials are engraved on the front.

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