Accent Elimination

Nina Katchadourian2005

Republic of Armenia - Biennale Arte 2015

Republic of Armenia - Biennale Arte 2015

On three of the six video monitors in Accent Elimination, Nina Katchadourian and her parents practice and perform two scripts – written separately by each of Katchadourian’s foreign-born parents – which reveal the origins of her parents’ accents. Three other monitors in the installation show thirty-minute selections from the many weeks of lessons with their accent coach as the Katchadourians struggle to master each other’s accents.

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  • Title: Accent Elimination
  • Creator: Nina Katchadourian
  • Date Created: 2005
  • Physical Dimensions: variable dimensions
  • Rights: Courtesy the artist and Catharine Clark Gallery, Photo: Piero Demo
  • Medium: Six monitors, three channels of synchronized video, three single-channel video loops, six media players, three sets of headphones, three pedestals, two benches


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